Friday, August 15, 2008


Please say it ain't so NFLD RR #593 Pacific

I realize that this is an old picture 1996 I believe.

If this is still the state of the last remaining Pacific exposed to the elements the way it is I must say it is not only a nationalist disgrace but a national disgrace.

My dad pulled this old steam locomotive from Steady Brook south park to it's current resting place in Humber village Corner Brook as one of his last acts while the NFLD RR was in it's death throws.

If I'm not mistaken when 593 was in Steady Brook park it at least had a over head shelter to keep the worst of the elements of off it but according to this picture taken in 1996 it has been left to degrade and deteriorate in the great outdoors along side of the ocean and road salt.

Someone please tell me this isn't still the case of how we preserve protect and display our once proud RR history?


get rid of the snow, add some rust and that is how she is today
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