Monday, July 07, 2008


Front line ambassador training or information packages.

Our front line ambassadors are the tourist reps, and service people like taxi drivers, bus drivers, airport workers etc. Oh and lets not forget the Economic Embargo called Marine Atlantic employees.

These are the first real people a person visiting our province are likely to encounter and more importantly interact with so it would only seem logical to inform and educate our front line ambassadors with the message we want to get out to any visitors.

This would be a targeted campaign of either courses or pamphlets and eductional material.

Stuff like the most obvious statistics about NL like it is the
furthest point East of North America,
Our Continental shelf is the size of the three prairie provinces combined
We were the last province to join canada in 1949 after two previous referendums.

Then there is always the captive audience in Hospital waiting rooms or Libraries. We could send our free copies of our provincial publications to all of the markets we want to advertise in. Things like the Independant, Downhome etc.


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