Sunday, June 15, 2008


Road rut shuffle

Can't remember if I posted this before so if so please forgive.

Road rutting isn't a new phenomenon there are ruts in some of the roads even her in Kelowna nothing as pronounced as those on the section from Deer Lake to Corner Brook those are more like grooves and something is up there either the road bed wasn't constructed properly, water run survey wasn't proper, or the ditching wasn't maintained to keep the water out of the road bed. Then again maybe it is a simple as a over loaded truck which is what it appeared like to me.

Anyway what's done is done how do we fix it or at the very lease prevent it from happening again.

Move the lines around so that the traffic wears out a different section of the road each year or couple of years.

Do concrete roads in places with high traffic.

Ensure that geotextile is used to separate the layers of the road bed so water impregnation doesn't have such a great influence on material migration.

Just rambling food for thought I might be way of base there are people paid big money to investigate and design these things.
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