Thursday, June 12, 2008


Road legal ATV, Quad, 4 wheeler

Quadzilla STG 300E XLC Road Legal Quad Bike.

12 June 2007
FunBikes now have available the Quadzilla STG 300E XLC - Road Legal Quad Bike.

Wider, Longer, more power than the 250, and a 2-seater!

The new STG 300E XLC is the latest road legal quad to hit the street, with a power output of 15KW the STG 300E XLC has the maximum allowed power out put for maximum performance on or off road.

Now something like this would definitely be a good option for a lot of people looking for a way to save on gas and help the environment at the same time or at least as a side benefit.

It just looks like they lengthened it and put smaller tires on the front and lower profile tires on the rear. Probably a harder compound tire as well because those balloon grippy tires would be a pain on pavement and last no time anyway.

I might even suggest loading the tires with calcium for added weight and balance when cornering. But for some people it doesn't matter what you do they will over drive it and get into trouble.

That along with the usual indicators and safety features for legal road use.

There could be a real market for something like this all over the world not just here at home. And considering the national parties have funded Bombardier long enough in their never ending vote buying bid for power or appeasement it's about time it started paying of for all of us and not just those with the majority say in this phony federation.

Think of those three wheel taxi's in Tailand or the new BMW three wheel motorcycle. Would it be any different. Well the three well taxi's would never pass safety here.

These things could easily be driven all year round. Considering that most of them are four wheel drive. Add to that studded tires heated hand gripes and a windshield you can bet there would be people who would use these year round.

There would also be alot of money to be made by govts in licensing registration and insurance. While not as good as mass transit not everyone has the option or the availability to public transit and this could be a very good short term measure to appease those without.

I also believe that ATV's have a posi track rear end and that is part of the problem with instability in cornering. But that shouldn't be hard to fix either with a selector switch. We had this option on most of our military vehicles.


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