Friday, June 06, 2008


Poormans divided highway

Since Newfoundland Labrador will probably never have a full divided highway my suggestion would be to use Jersey Barriers either modular or poured in situ in places where the threat of oncoming traffic accidents is greatest put in place.

Places like Pynn's Brook in Deer Lake where white outs are frequent during winter storms due to the onshore breeze of off Deer Lake case hazardous driving conditions.

Now these Jersey Barriers are normally made using a steel mold but I think a faster and more economical method would be to use pre fabed plastic molds that could be filled. The plastic would serve a protector for the concrete as well as allowing for an unlimited supply because the mold method only allows for so many to be made at a time due to mold cost and shortage limitations.

Basically anywhere where there is a double solid line would be the place to make this poormans divided highway.

Ideally a true divided highway would be the better route but in the absence of money or land restrictions this could be a very viable safe and cheap alternative.

This divided highway would also be a deterrent for animal crossings and actually could cause migratory animals to create new less dangerous migratory patters which while not ideal would save lives. Ideally animal crossings and game fences would be the way to go but the almighty buck dictates.
What or where is "Newfoundland Labrador"?
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