Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Newfoundland Labrador's version of tribalism

The fact that NL doesn't have a county, Parish or any other sort of unified district system lends itself to NL's version of tribalism/TOWNISM in that each and every town is competing with each and every other town.

It's time United we stood because Divided we have fallen for long enough.

Some examples of this are the ongoing dispute between Stephenville and Deer Lake airport.

The need for a new penitentiary and all of the different parties vying for it all the while we don't put forward a united front and get it done.

Also with out a unified service district all of the provinces crown land is centrally controlled from St John's and as such any new land usage proposals never get of the ground due to distance and red tape with investigating opportunities and availability. Some of this could be alleviated with better online sources but ideally decentralizing would be more conducive for increased land usage.

You can't reason with a starving towns people.


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