Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Newfoundland Labrador's B train system

While we may no longer have a train system in NL and all of the communities that were established grew and prospered in part because of the train. It would seem that we do have the option of running B train Tractor trailer in the province according to the codes.

I must say I'm surprised I don't see more B trains on our highways. It would seem our province is a perfect fit for such set ups. What with our long hauls and wide open spaces.

I have driven these set ups and they aren't as difficult to handle as you would expect and even backing them up can be accomplished with a bit of experience.

The only B trains that seem to be running the province are the dump trucks wit ha pup trailer in tow. Which isn't really a B train due to the lack of a dolly system on the trailing trailer but it isn't much of a stretch to learn a B train.
I'm pretty sure the QNSL railway - is that a "train system"? - is in NL, at least a good part of it is.

So is the Wabush Lake Railway and Tshiuetin.
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