Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm always amazed at just how stupid canadians are especially our elected officials.

If your looking for a way to combat global warming and green house gases I would think one of the first things to do would be to do something about our duplication of railway tracks.

There are places where there are two sets of tracks they are bi directional. This is like having two separate sets of two lane highway's as opposed to one 4 lane divided highway.

One set of bi directional tracks is owned by CNR and the other set of bi directional tracks right beside the first set is owned by CPR.

Now if something could be done so that each set of tracks is used unidirectionally it would improve efficiency and capacity.

In alot of country the tracks are like phone lines they are owned by a third party and the users pay a user fee.

Just one of the more obvious and glaring things that could and should be done to make our transportation system more efficient and combat green house gas emissions.

Another would be a national energy corridor. Maybe an energy corridor could be incorporated into the right of way of the track system.

These are nation building visions and unfortunately due to our systemically flawed political system of per capita colonialism by the national parties masquerading as democracy it will probably never come to pass because any and all national political parties in our political system of per capita colonialism have to pander to the voters if they want to get into power. Because 66% of the canadian population lives in ON/QU any and all national party policies are tailored towards benefiting those two majority provinces and the minority provinces are relegated to colonial status.


How does duplication of railway tracks contribute to greenhouse gases?
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