Sunday, May 18, 2008


Some observations here in BC

There has been a few things I have observed or taken notice of since moving here to BC.

C-Can storage and moving enterprises.
Just one more thing that you see everywhere out here and it really is a good idea. Now as for the pods concept I think they need to rethink heir loading and off loading mechanisms. I saw a Terra trans port mobile sea can handler one time that basically had two hiabs one on either end of the truck and it picked the C-can off of the train that would be a better set up IMO as opposed to tilt bed or some other type of system.
How easy would it be to set up a storage facility with these c-Cans. Could be loaded and offloaded on site or just used on site.

mobile sign cement pyramid blocks
Gonna have to get the diggi cam out and take some pics for this one. It is like a aztec pyramid in that the top is flat and has a larger diameter pipe embedded into the top middle as well as two lifting eyes carry eyes also protruding out from the top.
Used for temporary signing or where posts keep getting broken off. Now they just get tipped over. Once again all over the place out here.

These things are everywher and anywher eout here. They use them as barricades, Retaining walls, Foundations for garages, you name it and there is a use for these things. In fact after doing a little research there are alot more uses than I have even seen or noticed out here. They design them as roman arches with a key stone concept as well like in this picture.

Centre line Rumble strips which I talked about in another post. But I will add that I think they would be a invaluable addition to crosswalks or in advance of crosswalks or School zones or to differentiate bicycle paths from the road ways. There was an intersection just outside off Moncton that had this sort of RS a KM before the intersection to awaken drivers of the intersection.

Just some things I figured someone at home might be able to make use of.
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