Thursday, May 15, 2008


Rumble strips

I never actually realized something so simple and taken for granted upalong doesn't exist in NL?

I commend the Williams govt for identifying such a cheap cost effective fix to protect the citizens of NL.

I was actually thinking about doing a blog on this some time ago but never got around to it.

My point was going to be that I have noticed since moving out west here that they have even improved upon the rest of canada's RS's by making the ones on the side intermittent. Lets say 10 feet of RS's and 10 feet of bare pavement.

They also put the RS's in the centre where there would be a double solid line and corners any location that swaying to the centre inadvertantly might be hazardous to your and others health and safety.

Not sure what the R&D would tell you about this suggestion but I'm thinking it would work like I'm about to explain.

That is to say paint your lines on and into the rumble strips. It might take a little more paint initially to do this but in the long run it would last alot longer due to the increased surface area. Not being run over by car truck and snow plow blades. The paint would reflect alot better from the surface facing the oncoming traffic due to the perpendicular angle at which the side of the RS would be exposed.

The Rumble strips would work even during snow storms fog and poor visibility conditions because you could feel the lines.

The paint used may need to be looked at due to the salt and road grim pooling in the RS's.

Anyway HT to DW's and his team.

Now if he would only do something about the lack of a 911 in the province. Have province my ass. We are still a minority and under a per-capita revised federal funding system we will now be forever relegated to the fringes and marginalization.
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