Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Q tire All season studded tires


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Since the introduction of steel-belted radial tires more than three decades ago, there have been few significant innovations in automobile tires, especially in tire safety. Until now. Q Tires is revolutionizing the tire industry. Q Tires is introducing truly innovative products that will significantly improve tire safety--tires that can save thousands of lives.

Q Tires believes that the consistent questioning of conventional wisdom leads to new and better solutions. We expect tires, like most of the products we use every day, should improve over time. Our mission is, quite simply, to create the world's safest tires.

Q Tires has assembled a talented team of experts to create a completely new approach toward tire safety and driver convenience. Our design and engineering experts and our state-of-the-art manufacturing partners on two continents deliver a truly innovative product that potentially improves safety, saves money, protects the environment, and preserves our roads.

Introducing a revolutionary new tire technology that deploys studs on demand in snow and ice. Controlled by air within the tire, these retractable studs can be extended as needed--then retracted below the tread surface when no longer required. There are no chains to add. No tires to change. No extra tires to store.

Can Q Technology save lives?
Q Tires with retractable studs are safer. Independent tests have shown that Q tires incorporating retractable studs are safer on ice than conventional studded tires, winter tires and “all season” tires.

Can Q Technology save roads?
Q retractable studded tires truly are the alternative to studded tires and chains, which cause untold damage to roads, and cost taxpayers millions of dollars in road repair each year.

Can Q Technology save money?
Q retractable studded tires not only save lives, but by reducing accidents and insurance claims, they will save Q Tire owners money. And they cost hundreds less than having two sets of tires.

Can Q Technology help save the environment?
With Q retractable studded tires, there is less need to apply damaging salt and de-icing chemicals to the roads in wintertime, which leach into the soil and contaminate our groundwater.
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