Thursday, May 15, 2008


Newfoundland Labrador Budget 2008

Tearing down the overpass!

The biggest thing in that whole 1.4 billion surplus budget was that new and improved funding ratio's for different sized communities.

I believe it was something along the lines of 70/30 for communities under 2000, 60/40 for communities over 2000 but under 10,000, and 50/50 for larger communities.

The only draw back I can see with this improved funding regime would be that it may be somewhat counterproductive for communities amalgamating or uniting into service districts. Parishes, etc.

He said he was going to do it and IMHO this will go along way towards doing just that.

Now if the national parties would only look beyond the buying the next election with our own money and do something like this that would be inline with nation building as opposed to empire building which is what we have now with our systemically flawed political system of democratic discrimination against the minority provinces by the national parties in there never ending bid to buy power by catering to and pandering to the majority provinces where 181 seats out of a possible 308 exist.
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