Sunday, May 18, 2008


NB Flooding

Just an observation and suggestion.

Having lived in NB and observed the goings on of the St John river it always occurred to me that the annual flooding of the St John river valley could easily be prevented.

The most curious thing I noticed that made me come to this conclusion is the fact that even the SJ river as far up as Fredericton is tidal waters.

yes if you know anything about NB you must be thinking how is this possible. Well I wouldn't have believed it myself unless I had seen it with my own two eyes.

That is to say I observed the SJ river flowing upstream at Oromocto. At first I was puzzled like isn't this river supposed to be flowing towards the sea and not away or for the layman down river as opposed to up river assuming you knew which was which to begin with. But is was actually something to behold like there were eddy's and currents actually flowing upstream some 150 km from the mouth of the river it is truly something to behold.

Now I couldn't tell you the height above sea level at Oromocto or Fredericton for that matter. I know that entire region of the NB province is somewhat of tidal flats really so I don't imaging that the height above sea level is that much but still for the tides to push the river current and the tidal water that far upstream really really needs to be considered when one is looking at annual flooding along the SJ river.

I can't stress this enough about the SJ river being tidal as far up as Freddy.

Now look at the reversing falls. While this may be a wonderful tourist attraction NOT. oddity IMO.

If someone namely govt were to do something substantial long lasting and meaningful to stop the annual flooding along the SJ river is would have to be done right there at the reversing falls it is a narrow gap and could easily be dammed weired whatever so as to only allow water to flow out at low tide and not upstream at high tide.

Christ it could even be dammed and utilized as a micro hydro project.

Never happen the moonbats would cry bloody murder we will lose a tourist attraction of the reversing falls. Yeah ok I know I wasn't that impressed with it. I was more impressed with the tidal bore in Moncton or up the Truro channel.

Just a thought!

Same thing needs to be considered for the SASK Winnipeg floods only in reverse and on a much broader stepped scale. Kinda like beaver dams.
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