Monday, May 26, 2008


Ethical Ethanol

Is there any such thing when the developed world is using their abundance of farmland to grow crops to turn into fuel while large portions of the worlds population goes hungry?

North American govts have encouraged subsidized and even funded these unethical projects with little or no thought into the cause and effect to the worlds population.

By mandating a 5% ethanol blend for all fuels by 2010 we have ignored the root cause of our energy crisis and decided to look after our own interest while ignoring the worlds food issues to our detriment I fear.

While there might not be alot of things the analysts and pundits say we can control when it comes to the cost of carbon energy seeing as it is a world market we can control this one that is to only encourage ethical ethanol. That is ethanol that only comes from non food based stock or agricultural land use as well.

Ethanol isn't a long term solution and as such should not be promoted nor subsidized IMHO.

Our national parties might overlook global food shortages in order to gain favor with the voting public in there never ending quest for power.

Crimes against humanity!
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