Tuesday, March 04, 2008


High speed Catch 22

It seems persona won't hook up some communities to high speed because there isn't enough demand.Too many people are using satellite for their TV's because at the time cable wasn't available. So now you can't get high speed through cable in these same communities because too many people have satellite and it isn't economically feasible to just put a switch in for high speed users?

I' don't know but to me that seems like some pretty weak excuses and poor marketing skills.

My god I'm guessing but I would think that people would jump at the chance to trade in their satellite box's for a digital cable box and get high speed to boot, conceivably at a discount to satellite and dial up with better service. More tv's with the capability to channel surf at least on the basic and fully on the digital cable box.

I know they had a program in NB where they would do an even swap of your satelittle box for a digital cable box. Not sure if Persona has this but if not they should really think about it and come up with better plans and initiatives to get all of NL hooked up on high speed.

NS is supposed to be all hooked up on high speed by 2010 with some help from the feds.

If all else fails personal ingenuity could overcome what the corporations lack and failed in customer service due to return on investment restraints and poor planning and marketing by using such handyman technologies as the Pringles antennae to connect to neighboring wireless networks.
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