Friday, March 14, 2008


afghanistan fallow field scorced earth drug fields

Seeing as the coalitions attempts to burn the marijuana fields failed due to the water retention of the marijuana plants and the threat posed by the marijuana fields especially those near to the bases or outposts I was thinking a way to destroy these fields would be to cover them with salt or silica.

Not sure if this would be a permanent condition for the soil or if something could be done to reclaim these agricultural lands for legal uses?

The deterrent alone for owners of agricultural land would be immense but also not in line with winning hearts and minds.

Salt is cheap and could be a viable alternative to burning which doesn't work. The method of dispersion would have to R&D'd. It would be much more environmentally friendly than agent orange or other such methods.
Not sure about silica but going with salt is one bad idea. Salinity whether caused by man or occurring naturally is the bane of any agricultural endeavor.

One idea in Australia was to tap into large aquifers to supplement water supply, trouble is many of them have become very salty making it useless for farming or domestic use.
Looks like more R$D needed.

Is marijuana as big a problem as poppies?
Not really sure Brian. I just remember hearing General Hillier talking about it and telling a story of how they tried to burn a field.

Apparently there was a marij field next to a forward operating base.

Marijuana is practically impossible to penetrate with Infra Red and is an ideal hiding place for the taliban.

Their marijuana fields grow 6-8 feet high over there apparently depending upon the strain I guess.

Personally I prefer the Senilis proposal of legalizing the opium crop to supply the world shortage of pain medications. But I think this would require a better rule of law than now exists. It would be hard to determine which is being legally grown and which isn't without RoL.

The Salt or silica threat could be used as a deterrent to those who wish to continue to illegal route though. It's one thing to burn a field but to turn the land fallow would be something all together and would probably make a taliban for life.
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