Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Fisheries merchant Tycoon game or 4H fisheries clubs

I was thinking a good way to raise the interest level in fishing issues and fishing employment would be to develop an interactive game like Railroad tycoon or theme park tycoon.

These are great educational games and are very comprehensive in the entrepreneurial and business sense educational properties while all along being fun and interactive.

You could even go one further and do a knock off of the Ages of empires theme games "Conquering The New World" with dealing with natives introducing religion and agriculture.

There is also the the old standby of 4H clubs but in NL's case it would be geared more towards fishing and aquaculture with the same layout as a typical agricultural framework.

Friday, March 14, 2008


afghanistan fallow field scorced earth drug fields

Seeing as the coalitions attempts to burn the marijuana fields failed due to the water retention of the marijuana plants and the threat posed by the marijuana fields especially those near to the bases or outposts I was thinking a way to destroy these fields would be to cover them with salt or silica.

Not sure if this would be a permanent condition for the soil or if something could be done to reclaim these agricultural lands for legal uses?

The deterrent alone for owners of agricultural land would be immense but also not in line with winning hearts and minds.

Salt is cheap and could be a viable alternative to burning which doesn't work. The method of dispersion would have to R&D'd. It would be much more environmentally friendly than agent orange or other such methods.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


NAFTAGATE you scratch my back I'll scratch yours

Remember the US submarine surfacing in the canadian artic during the last election or the US releasing some defunct and circumspect plan to invade canada.

Yep Conservatives support Republicans, and one good turn deserves another.

CBC Idea How to think about science industrial fishing

Satellite photo of bottom dragger's

Before and after photo of bottom being dragged.

Very very informative documentary on industrial fishing and the science of setting quotas.


The one thing that I took away from this show other than the sheer idiocy of DFO's science and management of the worlds greatest food source is that we are going about fishing all the wrong way.

Specifically with regard to bottom dragger's. Besides the destructive nature and in discriminant nature of the harvest is that most of our fishing practices are geared towards keeping the largest fish. When in fact it should be more of a targeted process geared towards harvesting only the sustainable sized fish.

I think there are certain methods that do target this size fish like gil nets and maybe pots but I'm not all that certain about pots other than the fact that the fish caught in pots are alive and can be selected when harvested to throw back the preferred sizes.

Now for the real culprit the dragger's they are designed to only allow the smaller fish the escape but anything larger than the size of the mesh is captured. That includes the larges and best chance of recovery.

So here is my thought how about instead of having just an open front to the dragger net put a selections screen across the front to only allow into the net those that are of a sufficiently small size and leave the largest fish to spawn and renew the stocks.

I should also think that the net should be buoyed in such a way that it doesn't drag the bottom once it is full. Now some will argue that fish are buoyant and when the fish are in the net it doesn't drag on the bottom but rather floats. Sorry but fish compressed into the back of a net and for all intensive purposes dead don't have any buoyancy.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Water cone

Then again exporting hydrogen to dry climates would also tackle water shortage problems. Because when Hydrogen is reunited with air (Oxygen) the end result is water.

High speed Catch 22

It seems persona won't hook up some communities to high speed because there isn't enough demand.Too many people are using satellite for their TV's because at the time cable wasn't available. So now you can't get high speed through cable in these same communities because too many people have satellite and it isn't economically feasible to just put a switch in for high speed users?

I' don't know but to me that seems like some pretty weak excuses and poor marketing skills.

My god I'm guessing but I would think that people would jump at the chance to trade in their satellite box's for a digital cable box and get high speed to boot, conceivably at a discount to satellite and dial up with better service. More tv's with the capability to channel surf at least on the basic and fully on the digital cable box.

I know they had a program in NB where they would do an even swap of your satelittle box for a digital cable box. Not sure if Persona has this but if not they should really think about it and come up with better plans and initiatives to get all of NL hooked up on high speed.

NS is supposed to be all hooked up on high speed by 2010 with some help from the feds.

If all else fails personal ingenuity could overcome what the corporations lack and failed in customer service due to return on investment restraints and poor planning and marketing by using such handyman technologies as the Pringles antennae to connect to neighboring wireless networks.

Size does matter

Buy Bulk concentrate Global, Sell individual diluted local

Because of the constraints of space and cost put on the NL economy due to the economic Embargo called marine Atlantic it occurred to me that a good place to start to develop and enhance our local economy would be with bulk concentrate products that could be diluted and repackaged for sale locally.

Now this will never go global because the same isn't true for shipping global but for our small market it could be very profitable.

One of the draw backs I foresee would be finding an appropriate package or container that wouldn't take up as much space empty other wise shipping the container empty would be just as restrictive. Either that or find a local company that make packaging and containers. Probably highly unlikely for the same reason shipping full or empty will cost the same and take up the same space.

So I was thinking of some think like those tetra boxes, plastic bags, cardboard boxes. But I couldn't think of any kind of container that would replace the all purpose plastic container?

Some of the products that could be imported in bulk concentrate and diluted and repackaged could be things like Windshield wash, Juice, etc. The ones that first come to mind are liquid bulk concentrate but there are other material bulk items that could be included if someone were to investigate the matter and materials what would best suit this type of venture.

The biggest issue is finding packaging locally or packaging that can be shipped in compacted.

There is also the option of re-usable packaging or buying in bulk but these marketing strategies have been around forever and haven't been able to compete within the global market of slick packaging and expensive marketing. IE; Pop shop, bulk food stores etc. So the only real option to create local markets from bulk concentrate is to either find a packaging that can be imported collapsed or develop a packaging industry locally to put the bulk concentrate into once diluted. R&D once again will be the great equalizer along with the support and entrepreneurial spirit.

Size does matter when it comes to a global market and shipping.

Hoctaler box of wine type of packaging.

3. Bag N’ Box System

Bag-in-box packaging offers substantial benefits over traditional rigid containers such as bottles, cans, pails, drums, or tanks. All the boxes are easily customizable on costumer’s request.
Bag in box packaging

* Lower cost versus rigid, reusable containers.
* Disposable, it eliminates cleaning and transportation costs
* Packaging material source reduction
* Collapsible, take up less warehouse, truck and landfill space
* Cleaner and safer to use because your product remains sealed inside until the bag is empty.

Capacity from 3L up to 1000L

Nestable Styrofoam take out type containers that would get imported.

Then there is the old standby of the milk carton gable top package.

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