Thursday, February 14, 2008


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Bill C22 Senate allocation reform

I watched today as Bill C22 passed in the House of Crooks.

Now if this vote was a confidence vote I could see the Libs defeating it. Ahh all in good time!

This guy does a pretty good job of explaining exactly what C22 is, just ignore his central canadian center of the world attitude.

He does raise some interesting questions though about the senate and how seat the HOC seat allocation is tied to the senate.

The more I find out about this system the more I get flash backs of Catch 22. LOL never thought of that good name on this bill Catch 22!

I must say watching the debate on C22 today made me mad. The fact that senate representation is by region just turns my stomach. We didn't join a region we supposedly joined a federation of equal provinces?

The more I learn the more it makes me want to deface Joey Smallwoods grave for bringing us into this systemically flawed political system which is nothing more than imperial colonialism.

Dion and his national party will never bring down Harper's national party on anything that will benefit the majority of canadians. It would go against his national party line of doing what's in the best interest of the majority of canadians in order to get elected. Just like Harpers national party conservatives party line is to do what's in the best interest of the majority of canadians to get elected.

While the declining provinces may retain their HOC numbers in seats they are losing numbers by representation due to the forever increasing total numbers. So what this pog proposes for representation in the HOC by population would be palatable if we were to actually get a triple E senate with maybe some consideration for the larger provinces with small populations.

So what needs to happen just to maintain the status quo of representation is we joined with oh 5% in the HOC so it should never go any lower than that. Either that or a triple E senate and some consideration for population according to geographic size in the HOC. Yep Dream on never gonna happen!

Problem is nothing of this sort is ever going to happen because we are working within a systemically flawed political system to begin with.

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