Wednesday, December 05, 2007


systematic societal and enterprise Segregation

I heard a show a while back about ways to lessen urban sprawl and better integrate society and enterprise so as to minimalize the use of personal transport. You know global warming etc etc.

The one thing I did think made alot of sense was to either do away with our system of zoning which in and of itself creates segregation and the requirement for costly inefficient public transport in that it doesn't allow for mixed zoning which would automatically by adjacency reduce the requirement for long commutes.

While some of this could be accomplished by rezoning to allow for mixed usages the real opportunity for something like this would be in the planning of new developments.

Now there are certain limitations on this kind of mixed zoning of course because you couldn't have residental mixed heavy commercial but light commercial none toxic etc could very easily be added into a plan.

Now I wouldn't recommend hard targets more like flexible percentages that would allow for the ebb and flow of markets and demographic changes.

A bonus to Mixed zoning would be that low cost housing could be hedged with commercial uses.
Security will requiring a different perspective would be better because there would always be someone there to witness.
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