Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Marine Atlantic as a protectionist vessel VS Embargo vehicle

Just a thought. Since Marine Atlantic isn't considered to be a part of the Trans Canada transportation system in that it is basically a toll ferry why not use it to our advantage.

That is to say if all of the transportation links in canada aren't going to be tolled then the least we can do is reduce the toll on people and tourists and increase the toll on commercial transport which is competing with our local enterprises.

Now this wouldn't be my first option but it may be our only option. Which isn't even an option we have because the federalies control even our connection with the rest of this systemically flawed imperialistic democracy.

My first option would for all transportation in canada to be tolled or none where is the equality in that the Bridges linking canada with the US are free but the links connecting canada are tolled?

By tolling all of canada's transportation links and not just those with little or no political representation it would become a user pay system or carbon tax. It would also be a tax on the rich for the most part only if the majority of the tolls collected are on personal transport and not commercial transport.

along the same lines as the PEI toll bridge where you only pay the toll upon leaving the island. Commercial traffic would pay the toll when going to province so as to excentuate the protectionism policy and all other traffic would only pay the toll when leaving the province.

It would also help to cut costs by making the car wash automated. This wouldensure all vehicles are cleaned upon leaving the province.

Another cost saving would be to do what the Magdaline Islands does for billing and such by having all of the onshore duties taken over by the boat staff.

Someone else should also take over the pension plans from those retired from the Former PEI and NS marine Atlantic decommissioned ferries.
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