Friday, November 30, 2007


Shooting Back; Video Vigilantism

Now here is a good idea to help bring criminals to justice if not stop it out right. By giving ordinary mortals a way of collecting evidence on their oppressors and bringing criminals to justice without violence.

Moe often than not the biggest road block to bringing criminals to justice is the lack of evidence either because the eye witnesses are disposed of or they are to afraid to give testimony for fear of repercussions. But with a campaigh like this no witness testimony is required the evidence is captured either on film or video and is irrefutable.

Something like this could even be used to positively identify taliban and other insurgents without fear of reprecussions.

Disposable cameras would be a cheap and effective way to achieve something like this. Ideally without a flash so as not to give away the photographer utilizing ASA 400 or better.

Another use for this type of initiative would be to build up good relations with the locals in providing them proof that they exist. Like one lady from Africa said when she received a photo of her kids she proudly announced now I have proof if here kids ever mysteriously went missing she would have proof.

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