Monday, November 19, 2007


Prov govt helps in opening up markets to fresh sea food

The Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture is supporting this flight by guaranteeing cargo loads during a startup period. This means that if an individual flight does not achieve a full complement of cargo, the Provincial Government will pay for the shortfall on the total cargo capacity, provided that there is a minimum of 10 tonnes of seafood on the flight. Shippers using the flight will pay commercial rates that can be expected for a cargo aircraft. However, this new initiative will provide them with the opportunity to use a service that is not currently available in the province. The Provincial Government will provide funding of up to $288,000. This will be provided through the Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program that is part of the provincial portion of the Fishing Industry Renewal Strategy.

Fly Fresh Freight is a joint venture of PF Collins Ltd. and Atlantis Aviation Consulting. PF Collins Ltd., a well-known, provincially-based company, is the largest international trade services provider based in Atlantic Canada.

"Our government is committed to growing business development opportunities throughout the province particularly through the establishment of a competitive infrastructure and the right investment climate for business," said Minister Oram. "PF Collins has a long history of excellent services to its customers and is fully aware of the issues involved in the movement of perishable products. Atlantis Aviation Consulting brings an extensive business and aviation network with a strategic understanding of the air cargo industry, including its decision-making processes, limitations and opportunities to this initiative."

A weekly non-stop return flight from Iceland to Gander will place seafood at a major air cargo hub that is well-positioned for distribution throughout Europe. Iceland Air will land in Gander once each week, take on the cargo of seafood and return to Iceland.

This is a much better us of public money to help the struggling NL fishery than EI or early retirement IMHO.
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