Thursday, November 15, 2007


1000$ saving a race, random thoughts

While I think Premier Williams and the Socially Progressive Fiscally Conservative party of NL have the best of intentions with this policy they may need to tweak it a bit to get the results they want.

basically there are three parts to the policy to increase the NL population through incentives to have children.

1, 1000$ for each child.
2, increase in paternity leave allowance.
3, Adoption included in the 1000$.

I think there was also something in there to address child care?

So here is what I think should be tweaked.

the 1000% should only be paid for the third child. This would serve to ensure no parent would go into parenthood without already knowing what parenthood entails.

By encouraging the third child it would serve to increase our population versus only two children which would only serve to maintain the status Quo at best.

There are 6,500,000,000.00 6.5 Billion people in our world.

By only giving the incentive for the third child the arguments that crack heads and welfare bums will be having children to get the money would be disposed of.

Any plan to increase our population through birth could be advanced by a minimum of 9 months but more likely 5-9 years depending upon the age of the child.

The most informative and shaping years are the teen years.

Our small communities are very well prepared to handle an increase in the adopted children.

Women who might be reticent to have their own child due to carreer or body issues would be more inclined to adopt.

I have no problems with the paternity allowance top up.

I think the adoption option should be encouraged more.
the 1000$ should be available for the first child.

All or most of the adoption fees should be paid for.

The department of adoption should be stream lined.

Adoption would be a better option than immigration in that the adopted children would be integrated into our society and culture.

Where as Immigrants come with their own culture, heritage, religion biases etc. Adopted children will be raised as an integral part of our culture and society.

We have to pay for language training anyway for a vast majority of immigrants.

Adopted immigrant children would be more likely to grow up and call NL home where as Immigrants all seem to move to the larger centres and live in communities of their own like kind.

Adopted children don't come with experience, wealth, training.
We might not get federal funding for adoption language training versus Immigration.
There will be a time lag from adoption to work force, but this might not be much different than language training.
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