Saturday, October 20, 2007


Systemically flawed canadian federation

First off I don't support any National federal party because of our systemically flawed political system.

Secondly I don't consider the CRAP party to have legally won their minority govt due to all of their broken promises to the electorate and their money laundering scheme which they used to circumvent the election funding rules.

Having said that I don't understand the majority opposition parties reluctance to bring down the govt.

Polls are for sheeple. It is all in the question or the phrasing of the question. Or for that matter the demographics of those polled which generally only takes into consideration population and not the members of this federation so I guess polls to are systemically flawed and are playing along.

Anyway if there were a question in a poll that asked equally all of the provinces

"Who do you think would make the best leader of a national federal party in a minority government?"

What do you think the outcome would be for the leadership question?

All politics are local until any national federal party gets elected then they are they become centrist. In part quest to get re-elected and in part because the majority of the MP's draw the party line and in part because the bureaucracy is all centered in and for ON/QU.

Never do you hear any party say they are doing what's in the best interest of the majority of the members of this federation. Now that would be a party that is a true nation builder not self centered election -re-election catering to and preying on our systemically flawed political system.

So if you agree like me that it isn't the political parties nor is it the politicians that is the cause but rather a symptom how do we change a system that by it's very nature gives people a sense of involvement control and a feeling of hope but where the powers that be don't want to see it change?

By the powers that be I mean the people. Unfortunately the majority of those people are centred on 2% of the canadian federations land mass and in two provinces ON/QU.

The politicians in those provinces even if they weren't apart of a national federal party and ignored the dynamics of our systemically flawed federation wouldn't have a chance of getting elected if they were to campaign on changing our systemically flawed demockracy to give each of the members of this federation some form of equality.

They know all to well what happened to Peterson when he offered up just two senate seats he was re soundly defeated and run out of Ontario. So the true barrier to changing our systemically flawed political system are the people of ON and to a lesser degree Qu.

Now I think every one would agree that there has to be a place for majority of the population but it shouldn't be the end aall be all of our federation or we are doomed.

I could see something like a veto as a compromise. At least with a veto ON/QU would have to justify their cubageousness but as it stands it is a given that ON/QU get pandered to and built upon on the backs of the colonies.

It isn't necessarily Ontarians nor Quebecers fault because in large part it can be blamed on the system but where the people of ON/QU can really be blamed is when they refuse to accept change and feel they have a god given right to control this federation.

Into the belly of the beast campaign in ON/QU for systemic change towards equal representation for the members of this so called federation.
First off I don't support any National federal party because of our systemically flawed political system.

All those repetitions of the phrase "systemically flawed". It's almost like you have a talking point!

What are these "systemic flaws"?
Greg you're saying again tonight on VOCM (speak up, BTW, it's hard to hear you) that we have a "flawed democracy".

What's "flawed" about it?
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