Friday, October 19, 2007


Health care sick parade

I don't know why our health care system doesn't do what the military does to fix the doctor shortage and wait times crisis.

While itmight not solve he wait time crisis for specialty doctors or surgeries it would definately go along way towards helping with the doctor shortage.

Sick parade is one hour every morning at a clinic when you get to see any doctor in that clinic.

Seeing as most people only go see a doctor for minor none concurring issues that generally speaking only requires a diagnosis and a prescription. Once diagnosed if you need follow ups or a further consultation you would make an appointment to go see your family doctor or if necessary a specialist.

It would basically be along the same lines as what the emergency rooms now have in place currently. Exception being the order of service would be first come first serve. By doing this it should also relieve the emergency rooms from alot of the minor ailments that people currently visit emergency rooms for.

It would also serve to increase work productivity in that people wouldn't necessarily need to take a whole day of just the hour in the morning or for that matter if there are enough clinics in a given area the sick time for the different clinics could be spread out over the day.

Now in order for this to be efficient patients medical files would all need to be digitized and available to the medical community for better history and diagnosis.

Fact of the matter is I'm amazed patient files aren't digitized yet.
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