Monday, October 22, 2007


Demockracy at it's finest

"Head office steps in
Conservatives shunt officials aside in Casey’s riding, will pick party’s next candidate
By CATHY von KINTZEL Truro Bureau
Mon. Oct 22 - 5:26 AM

We’re appointing a management committee that will run the operations of the board until a point where we’re able to call an annual general meeting and elect a new board.’
DON PLETTTory national party president"

All politics are local until A national party gets elected then it's all Centrist.

Harper isn't governing he is politicking from the PM's office.

"N.S. Tory riding association board refuses to resign over Casey's nomination at 19:19 on October 21, 2007, EDT.


WENTWORTH, N.S. - A Conservative riding executive in northern Nova Scotia is refusing to resign over its contentious nomination of ousted MP Bill Casey and instead will seek a new mandate from local members.

The riding association wants to nominate Casey for the next federal campaign, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the party's national council have said Casey will not be allowed to run as a Tory.

Casey was kicked out of caucus earlier this year for voting against the federal budget, complaining that it made changes to a deal designed to protect Nova Scotia's offshore revenues.

Scott Armstrong, president of the Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley riding association, says national council president Don Plett told the board members today they could either choose a different candidate or resign.

But he says the board will do neither, and instead will hold an annual general meeting next month to let local members voice their opinion.

Armstrong says the board still wants Casey as the candidate, and he expects local party members will agree at next month's meeting. "
Greg, when was Ontario no bigger than PEI?
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