Thursday, September 27, 2007


Newfoundland & Labrador population increase plan

I think one of the most positive benefits missed by most in the debate surrounding the proposed plan is the possibility of getting 1000$ for adopting a child.

With 6.5 Billion people in the world and the vast majority of those souls living in poor, over populated and third world countries the possibility of increasing our population by promoting adoption should be the primary focus of this so called baby bonus.

Couples that might not want to have a child the old fashioned way for what ever reason economics, career, health, dirty diapers, body image, age etc should be informed even encouraged to consider adoption.

Now I'm not sure if the other parts of this plan namely top up of maternity leave pay by 100$ a month and cheaper and increased child care spots would be available to adopter's or not. Surely cheaper child care and increased child care spots would be but I am unsure about the maternity increase?

IMHO adoption is a much better option for immigration than and population growth than just standard immigration is. A child reared with a NL family is much more likely to integrate into our culture and society than a transplanted adult. The trend for transplanted adults is to move to the larger centers like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Maintain their cultures and traditions and segregate themselves from our society. But if a child adopted into and raised in a local family and community atmosphere they become integrated into our culture society and are more likely to stay in the province. Sure it may cost us a bit more to educate and rear the child but the problems which come from immigration and multiculturalism would all but be eliminated by going this route.

The downside of adoption immigration is that you don't get the benefits of life experience, international contacts and federal funding for immigration. The big lost with no going this route is that these immigrants would help address the route cause of outmigration unequal opportunity.

I'm not sure what the associated costs of adoption are or for that matter even how one would go about adopting a child but I'm pretty sure 1000$ would go along way towards that end.
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