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Was just going through my documents looking for something when I came across this little diddy and thought I would post it. I think it came from the NLfirst web site but don't quote me on it.


are the only words left unsaid about Newfoundland.

With regards to the saga of epic proportions concerning the offshore oil
revenues in Newfoundland, a back wash of contemptuous bile of bilge water
from the mother ship Ottawa has drifted to the shores of Newfoundland and
soaked its proud people of all tenets like innocent oily sea birds.
Amid an undulating rip tide of lies and deceit that have foamed from the
gaping yap of Captain Canada and his cut throat libertine lads, a froth of
prejudice and bigotry has also erupted from the land lubbered mouths of
many. "Oh Captain my Captain Canada, how can I raise the flag and stand
Your big politically correct ship Ottawa advocates that it will take booty
from anyone that will come from the seven seas to join your crew. They are
treated equally and accepted as fair weather. You've allowed them the
freedom of speech and you protect them from name calling and discrimination.
There are two sets of rules, one for Canadians and the other is the
disregard for Newfoundlanders.
"Oh Captain my Captain Canada, my flag is tattered and torn.
"Where do I stand to avoid the onslaught of undignified print that you
We did not bring silver to sup with you or to be a part of your fleet,
instead we gave you an untold bounty of fish, wood, hydroelectric power, iron
ore, nickel, copper, cobalt, gold, oil and gas. 'Why do you forsake us, and
dangle the scraps from your table and allow us only to eat when all others
done ?
My mates are leaving daily to find work elsewhere and the Americans are
greedily buying up their once proud but now emptied homes.
"Oh Captain my Captain Canada, our numbers now are few. We have been set
adrift by you and it is harder to manage this leaky decadent barnacle
encrusted scow alone.
This ship, my ship Newfoundland , was built in 1497 and has served you well
since we've joined your fleet in 1949. Give me back my pride, give me back
my dignity and give me the means to raise my ensign so I can sail proudly
with you.

Dan Parrell


Pretty much hysterical nonsense.

Thanks for giving us even greater insight into how far out-to-lunch the NLFirst crowd actually are.
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