Sunday, June 17, 2007


Letter to Senators on Harper's Broken Promise 100% exclusion, and reneging on a signed agreement Atlantic Accord


This is a letter sent to all of the senators and persons of influence concerning the Broken Promise of Stephen Harper to exclude 100% non-renewable resources and his reneging on a signed agreement between the provinces and Ottawa, The Atlantic Accord.

To all Senators reviewing Bill C-52,
> As a concerned Canadian tax payer, voter and resident of Newfoundland
>and Labrador I believe it is my civic duty to express my concerns regarding
>Bill C-52 as it relates to equalization and its impact on the Atlantic
>Accord contract signed by the government of Canada in 2005.
> Much political rhetoric has surrounded this issue and as such it’s often
>difficult for those not directly affected to wade through the mire and
>arrive at the core issue that needs to be addressed.
> When the Atlantic Accords were negotiated and agreed upon in 2005 it was
>clear to the premier's of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador that
>changes to equalization would be implemented over time. With this reality
>in mind the contract specifically includes a clause ensuring that the
>Accords are reflective of the equalization formula, "in place at the time
>of calculation", not the one existing at the time the contract was signed.
> Bill C-52 would have the two provinces affected retain the accords using
>the old equalization formula or opt out of the contract in order to be
>permitted into the new formula. This creates a situation where a
>contractual agreement is circumvented and it creates a two tiered system of
>equalization, all in an effort to break the spirit and letter of a signed
>contract between the government of Canada and two of its provinces.
> Bill C-52, if adopted, will create one system of equalization for the
>Atlantic Accord signatories and different one for the rest of Canada. It
>is divisive and creates a situation where the two Atlantic provinces cannot
>partake of the equalization formula, "in place at the time" as agreed upon
>in the Atlantic Accord contract without opting out of the very contract
>that guarantees they can.
> Key members of the governing party, in addition to the leader of the
>official opposition, have been applying undue pressure on the senate to
>pass this Bill. In doing so they are attempting to usurp the power of the
>Senate, render it impotent and destroy the very purpose of the chamber
>itself, that of, "sober second thought".
> What more appropriate Bill has ever, or will ever, come before the
>Senate requiring as much sober second thought as Bill C-52, a Bill that
>will break a signed contract with two members of the federation and
>threatens to tear apart the very fabric of Canada.
> If ever there was a time when the Senate has an opportunity to prove
>that it serves a valid purpose, is relevant in today's Canada and is not
>simply a rubber stamp factory for the government of Canada this is that
> Please do not let it slip away.,,,,,,,,,,,,

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