Tuesday, June 12, 2007


How did they vote Equalization, Atlantic Accord, budget 2007


I got this from a comments thread at the Mop and Pail. Not sure if these numbers are correct but if they are it is very disturbing. I wonder who were the MP's in absentia.
I will have to remember to see who these no shows were at http://www.howdtheyvote.ca

Catherine S. from Canada writes: Yup, 260 MPs showed up to vote. 48 MPs are missing in action (there are 2 empty seats - so there are actually 46 MPs absent). I counted 6 on the government side (Diane Findlay amoung them - she is undergoing surgery); 28 Liberal MPs absent; 1 NDP; 1 independant; and I think 10 BLOC (maybe less and more libs missing).
To me that is the real story - the enormous number of Liberal MPs absent during a budget vote! Any bets, the Globe won't even to write about this dismal display of democracy?
So people should start to see what type of leadership Mr. Dion is demonstrating. Either he has lost total control of his MPs or has instructed his dissenting MPs not to show up in the house to vote with the government.
Hey Globe, surely your news reporters should dig and see why Mr. Dion dream team didn't bother to show up today to cast their vote yeah or nay for this budget. For once, do your jobs as our 'eyes and ears' for us.

* Posted 12/06/07 at 7:13 PM EDT

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