Monday, June 04, 2007


Bill Casey MP Won't Toe the Party line and will do what's in the best interest of his province and costituents of Musquodobit, NS. Thank-You

Hello Mr Casey

I just heard you on Linda Swain's Nite Line VOCM, talking about not supporting the third and final reading for the Budget unless it is amended from it's current state.

I would just like to Thank-You for your support of the people who elected you to represent their interests in Ottawa instead of toeing the national party line drawn by Ontario with 106 seats out of 308.

Ottawa and any national party must by it's very nature do what's in the best interest of the majority of canadians by default ON/QU and now according to Mr Manning Alberta which makes it 73% of the voting population and available seats.

This mantra while not new just highlights to me just how dysfuntional our federation really is, Systemically flawed. In no way shape or form is there any equlity amongst the members of this federation. Not in the HOC, Not in the Senate, Not in the Supreme Court of Canada.

This country is more like the Empire of Ontario with 9 colonies. When you consider that the Ontario Chamber Of Commerce recommended exactly what was in the Budget with reference to the Non-Renewables. Mr Harper and the CPC members broke the promise because Dalton McGimme wouldn't agree with the other first ministers at the Council of the federation meetings on this subject. That is why I will never again in good conscience be able to vote for a national party.

IMHO it isn't Mr Harper you have to convince to keep his promise he made on 6 different occasions to two different Premiers in two different elections. It is Dalton McGimme and the OCC.

Sorry for the Diatribe but I thought you should know where I was coming from.

Greg Byrne

Formerly from Howley NL and former member of cdn armed forces.

PS: Vote ABC, Anything But Conservative Federally.


Update: Mike Duffy Live: Cracking The Whips with Guy Lauzon, Yvon Godin and Karen Redman

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