Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Rich Provinces get richer while the poor provinces get poorer with Per-capita funding

It is nice to finally see some numbers on the per capita funding something that I've suspected for some time now would negatively impact the smaller less populous provinces.

Like the Capitalist Party of canada's CPC, GST reduction the new Per Capita funding scheme for Health and Social transfers under the D-Equalization formula of our federal taxes will benefit the rich and punish the poor only instead of the individual this time it is the provinces.

If you really think about it this is in line with the American way of thinking to do away with social equity but in fact it is even worse than the American system in that canada doesn't have in any way shape or form, equal representation for the provinces in this federation. Not in the Senate not in the Supreme Kangaroo Court of canada, nowhere in this phony federation is there any equality amongst the provinces and terrritories.

What really irritates me with this Per capita funding is the fact that the very report from which this was drawn the O brien Report refused to include collecting funding on a per capita resource like User fees but they turn around and dole out the federally collected funds on a per capita basis? If you want to pay out federal funds on a per capita basis shouldn't the same funds be collected on a per capita basis? Otherwise it is just another form of colonialism to take from the poor to give to the rich not unlike what was done with the GST cut.

transfer payments are calculated are benefiting larger provinces.

She says the equal per capita funding means Nova Scotia is only getting a 0.4 per cent cash increase in payments for education and other social programs in 2007-08, while Ontario is receiving 17.3 per cent more and Alberta is getting an extra 56 per cent.

Just a few of the links I have on D-Equalization the federally imposed provincial welfare wall.$file/Equalization_and_the_Fiscal_Imbalance.pdf$file/Equalization_and_the_Fiscal_Imbalance.pdf

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