Saturday, May 05, 2007


Fiscal imbalance to be tackled with infrastucture funding now

Now the Fiscal imbalance is going to be tackled with infrastructure funding to the West, central and the Maritimes.
Feds gives BC $16.5M in case of flooding
Harper's Big spendathon
Atlantic Gateway
To date, Canada's New Government has devoted $33 billion to infrastructure spending, a historic investment in Canadian infrastructure.

OK so where is NL's
Loan Guarantee for the Lower Churchill which is essentially a co signer?
National power corridor with money for an infeed?
Money for the completion of the TLH up to National Highway Standards?
A fixed link?
5 Wing Goose Bay?
Water and Sewer for Normans Bay?
Instrumentation IFR for Nain's airport?
Include the Provincial ferries as a part of the NHS?
Lower Marine Atlantic ferry rates to comparible highway travel costs?
An operational manned military base in NL?
Allow for military members to claim the Marine Atlantic for their one trip home a year with their LTA?
Federal presence?
South Shore Highway?
Marine Link to Eastern Seaboard?
Comparible airport landing fees?
Payment In Lieu of Taxes PILT for the 1500+ military planes that land at Gander International Airport annually for free?
Information gateway?
Recognise the Labrador Metis as a aboriginal community?
Employment on par with the national standard?


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