Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Can Elizabeth May Win Central Nova?

Pretty good break down of what might happen with Elizabeth may in the Central Nova riding next federal election. He focus's more on the funds spent versus votes received corrolation.

Even with the Liberals not running a candidate in Central Nova, there are many who question whether Green Party leader Elizabeth May can defeat Conservative incumbent Peter MacKay. People typically look at previous results and see the Greens so far back that they discount the possibility that May could actually win. People would be wise to re-think that position. I, for one, think it’s certainly possible for the Greens to win.

Why? First, MacKay performed surprisingly poorly in 2006, winning by only 3,273 votes over NDP candidate Alexis MacDonald in a riding that should be a Conservative lock. Put another way, 60% of Central Novans voted for someone other than Peter MacKay.

Read full piece here and over 100 comments to date.

Remember living on the east coast of this continent means whatever goes up west of us IE Ontario Alberta comes down in the east due to the prevailing winds and the water shed run off. We might not have smog but we do have fall out.

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