Thursday, April 19, 2007


Ted Morton takes a stand on equalization

Why including non-renewables into the equalization formula is regressive for nation building and equates to nothing more than a provincial welfare wall.

Here is a blog entry by an albertan that does a good job of talking aout equalization also.

Who is Ted Morton?

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You do, of course, realize that this guy is complaining about poorer provinces like Newfoundland receiving Equalization from richer provinces like Alberta.

Ted Morton has been on about this for 20 years.

He has a point of view that is entirely defensible, but I just want you, being the great newfoundland patriot, to realize what this means.

Realize also that if the reforms you claim to support were brought in twenty years ago, when Newfoundland had very little oil revenue, Newfoundland would have been completely screwed. To the tune of billions of dollars.
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