Monday, April 30, 2007


Short term climate change solution

Switzerlands Glacier Blanket.

Water bomber dropping a load of fire retardant laced water.

I have no idea if it will come to this or not but if we don't come to grips with our climate change gases something like this may be our only option for short term survival. That is to say if we reach the tipping point a point of no return so to speak. Not to sound alarmist but the earth's time clock and how we perceive time aren't on the same plane. The earth and especially our water and oceans are basically a big heat sink. Heat sinks by their very nature retain heat or cold and mitigate extremes of hot and cold. So if that heat sink starts to retain more heat then it may become exponential. Then again warmer water makes for more evaporation and hence more cloud cover and less heat from the sun getting through at least at the lower latitudes.

IMHO the only option we would ever have of mitigating the warming effects of green house gases (GHG) in the short term would be to somehow insulate or artificially create replace the once natural relective polar Ice cover which is being lost by a man made reflective (insulating) cover.

So here is what I propose use water bombers with a white dye (like colored fire retardant) and replace the lost white covering of the polar ice/snow covering to reflect the suns heat from being captured and retained in the poles.

I know it is hard to imagine the poles being the cause of global warming what with everyones perception of the poles as being cold and ice covered, but what people forget is that the poles are actually get 24 hours of light in summer and 24 hours of dark in the winter. Now withthe melting of the reflective ice/snow cover at the poles the amount of heat being retained at the poles due to this loss is the real cause behind global warming. So if we can somehow artificially replace that reflective covering with colored dye from water bombers we could in effect buy time in dealing withthe effects of GHG's global warming climate change.

We have an air base in the Artic perfectly located to accomplish such an initiative with Alert. We have the technology with water bombers and fire retardant dyes that shouldn't be too cost prohibitive.

Now what would be an unknown would be whether or not dropping white dye laced water on the poles would last or would it be washed away each summer/spring. Whether it would adversely affect the ecology of the region.

Anyway food for thought.
Some good info at WIKI on this.
A better mode of application might be crop dusting or wahtever method was used in Vietnam for the agent orange dispertion.

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