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Shaped charge possible circumvention strategy for shaped charge IED's

Shaped charge penetration

Shuttle craft heat dissipating tile

Shuttle craft re-entering earths atmosphere

I hope to god by putting this out there that I in no way shape or form am aiding those who aim to hurt and injure our soldiers. If so please let me know and I will remove it.

With the most recent IED Improvised Explosive Device killing 6 of our troops in Afghanistan. I got to thinking. While the exact type of explosive used during the most recent incident hasn't yet been determined, from what I've seen of the wreckage I'm inclined to assume that it was a shaped charge.

So I got to thinking how could a shaped charge be defeated. Not a easy task because a shaped charge unlike a blast charge has a very distinct and pointed area of attack.

I first got to thinking about how to defeat shaped charges after the recent Iraq incident and the British accusing Iran of supplying the know how and technology behind that attack.

Anyway I won't get into the details of how shaped charges work if your interested in this you can look it up for yourself there is lots of info on the web about how to make and use this particular technology.

My concern with this particular blog is to suggest a possible way of defeating shaped charges when it comes to armoured vehicles like the LAV III.

While there are many current technologies being used to defeat this particular threat I am unsure if it is being used in the LAV III. Like reactive armour, stand off etc.

Anyway here is my suggestion.

Attach the heat dissapating tile like they have on the shuttle to the outside of the LAV III as a means to help dissipate the heat which forms the molten metal slug that forms to penetrate the vehicles armour.

Even if penetration can be defeated spalding on the interior still needs to be a consideration.

Now this may or may not work but if it even cuts down the possibility of a shaped charge penetrating a vehicles armour it will have worked somewhat in conjuntion with the already existing technologies out there in use.

Another option would be to add layers of metal as apart of the stand off that would easily be picked up by the shaped charge and hence make the possibility of penetration less probable due to a larger sized slug and hence greater heat dissipation. Now this could possibly be incorporated into the add on heat dissipating tiles.

Another consideration would be to design vehicles so that as much as possible the floor is utilised as stand of and armour plating.

God help our troops if this is what killed our latest troops and this is to be the new form of IED's.

The americans call these charges EFD's EFP's or something like that according to a news story I heard. Forget what the acronym stands for now.

10% of the canadian military is comprised of Newfoundlander Labradorians who make up 2% of the population.
There isn't one operationally manned military base in NL. We are but a out post to any invasion, Even though before we joined canada there were three operationally manned military bases in NL, Stephenville, Argentia, Goose Bay.
The military doesn't reimburse our troops for the marine atlantic ferry crossing for their one paid trip home a year to their next of kin.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the most recent lost men and women of our forces.

Update: The use of these tiles could also have other benefits. Quicker dissipation of heat from armoured vehicles.
Would reduce the chances of vehicles being picked up by heat signature.
Could be beneficial in reducing the interior heat of the tanks currently being used in Afstan which is an ongoing problem.
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