Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Ontario Chamber of Commerce Drafts federal budget

Ontario chamber of Commerce Drafts federal budget

Harpers Neo Concervative/Alliance/Reform government finalizes it and

The separatist party of Quebec (Bloc Quebecois) ratifies it by voting for it in the House of Commonswith the blessing of the Provincial Quebec separatist party (Party Quebecois) .

Read the proposed budget put forth by the Ontario Chamber of Conference. The similarities are striking.
2007 Federal Budget Matrix - March 19 2007 (157 KB)

OCC Pre-Budget Recommendations

The OCC urges the federal government to find a principle-based solution to the funding gap between what Ontarians contribute to Confederation and what the province receives back in transfers and programs.
1. BALANCED FORMULA: Provinces that receive equalization should not have a higher fiscal capacity than non-recipient provinces.
2. SYSTEM FAIRNESS: Provinces that benefit from equalization should not have higher per capita program expenditures than the average of contributing provinces.

Who is really running this country anyway?

Read all of the Press Releases on the reaction to the federal budget 2007 here.

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