Friday, April 20, 2007


No more lies rally; Equalization, Atlantic Accord

Mr Whittle the man organizing rally in support of the premier of NL's stance against Ottawa's broken promise and lies is looking for anyone who is interesting in helping out on an organizing committee so if you have some time to do this you can reach Mr. Whittle at: or by phone at: 576-2330.

Mr. Whittle is also asking that anyone interested in this pass his email address along to friends and associates who might also be interested so he can guage the level of support. He is also asking anyone who can do so to go on the open line programs over the next few days and support his efforts, ask questions and otherwise stir up public support.

You can also make your feelings known by commenting on VOCM's question of the day for the rest of the week-end. There ae also some good slogans and ideas for signs and protests on there.

Personally I like the hanging of Harper Effigy idea or Flaherty in a hockey net to take shots at. 1 million for every goal to see if we can get 11 BILLION goals.

Do you support plans for a massive rally on Confederation Hill to support the premier in the equalization fight? Why or why not?

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Does this mean an end to Peter Whittle's plans to run for the federal Liberals? Sounds more like he's going to run for the Danny Party now.
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