Thursday, April 12, 2007


Newfoundland Labrador Metis Nation promise to enter into negotiations

Williams said, "A PC government I lead will acknowledge that the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in the Powley case does indeed apply to Metis in Newfoundland and Labrador, and we will participate with the federal government and the Metis Nation in negotiations to define and enforce the specific rights affirmed in the Powley decision and other rights protected under Section 35 of the Constitution."

I don't have access to the actual letter. I got this from a telegram article.

Just another example of a people divided and fighting for the crumbs while upalong feasts on our loaves.

Political opportunism at best if not down right dirty back room dealing with our federal masters to oust the only premier weve ever had who had the best interest of the province as a whole front and centre. Shame Shame!
Care to back up that statemnet on crumbs and loaves either generally, or specifically in this case?

How does that have anything to do with what Premier Williams committed to do in 2003?
Care to tell me and everyone who listens to VOCM why you oppose anything and everything the NL PC govt does?

Why you always back Ottawa as opposed to anything that will benefit your home province?
What is dirty or shameful about holding Danny Williams, the liar and hypocrite, to the same standard he expects of the federal government?

As Danny Williams, who you call "the only premier weve ever had who had the best interest of the province as a whole front and centre", himself said, "We cannot expect fair treatment from Ottawa if we don't practise what we preach."

And the letter from Danny Williams is published here:
What's the "Newfoundland Labrador Metis Nation"?
To anoynomous:
Because they live in the province of NewfoundlandLabrador.

Since Metis by definition is of a mixed heritage European and Aboriginal.

The aboriginal component coming from Innu, Inuit, maybe even Beothuk and the European component coming from Settlers who prosecuted the fishery from Newfoundland hence NewfoundlandLabrador Metis.

Thanks for the link Wallace J Mclean very informative.
So I take it you can't explain the claim you made about crumbs and loaves.

The reason is that there is no fact or evidence to back it up.

You have the same inventions, myths and misstatements in your comments that are spread by a great many politicians in Newfoundland and Labrador in all political parties.

Once we get past all the fantasy, maybe the province can actually move forward. Until then we'll just keep going around in the same circles wondering why things never change.
Where is the province called "NewfoundlandLabrador"? I can't find it on any map.
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