Thursday, April 05, 2007


MUN Wade Locke explains Harpers broken promise by the numbers.


April 13, 2007

Federal Government Misled Province on Impact of New Equalization Program

The Honourable Tom Marshall, Minister of Finance and President of Treasury Board, today confirmed that the federal government has misled the Provincial Government and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador regarding the true implications of the new equalization program as outlined in its 2007 Budget. According to figures released by Memorial University economist Dr. Wade Locke, the net impact of these changes is that the new equalization program will provide the province with $1 billion less than the existing equalization program over a 13-year period. It is also $11 billion short of what the Prime Minister promised the province in writing over that same 13-year time frame.
“Despite assurances from the Federal Minister of Finance that the accords would be protected, fundamental amendments to the legislation implementing the 2005 Atlantic Accord agreement have been proposed without any consultation with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. These amendments can be found in the ‘consequential amendments’ sections of the 2007 Federal Budget Implementation Act. Consequential amendments are normally reserved for housekeeping items to fix technical issues. It is not a place to shroud fundamental changes of this magnitude,” continued Minister Marshall.

Memorial University economist Wade Locke's break down of Harpers Broken promise.

IMHO the only honorable way out of this for Harper is to reverse the original injustice perpetrated against the people of NL by the supreme court of canada, which is stacked in Ontario, Quebec and Ottawa's favor with 3 judges from Ontario 3 from Quebec and 3 from the remaining 8 colonies and 3 territories.

Where is the equality?

The SCC circumvented one of the original founding principles of this federation when it ruled that the oil and gas of the shores of NL and NS belonged to OTTAWA.

How is it Ottawa can own or control anything there is no country known as Ottawa. Ottawa is just an administrator of national affairs with the blessing of the members of this federation. If this federation were to break up tomorrow Ottawa wouldn't exist and the falsehood perpetrated against the coastal provinces would immediately become null and void in that those coastal provinces would immediately become owners and controllers in full of their respective continental shelfs.

So in reality all of this kerfluffle over equalization is mute in that the real issue is that Ottawa should never of had ownership and control over the provinces resources as is stated in the founding principles of this federation.

Just remember that while we are argueing over equalization Ottawa is still reaping in massive amounts of our money in that they through the SCC circumvented a founding principle of this federation in that the provinces solely own and control their own resources.

Not to mention Ottawa should never of had and ownership stake in Hibernia by investing the 500 million to get the 8.5% ownership stake. When you consider Ottawa gives the Tar sands a 1 billion dollar tax and incentive break each and every year with no ownership.

Then there is the 5 billion Ottawa gave Alberta back in the 70's to get the tar sands started and a reprieve on equalization claw backs for some 12 years.

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