Wednesday, April 18, 2007


How they do highways in the Yukon

BST Road Surface Management System for Yukon Highways


Bituminous Surface Treatments (BST) have been used on Yukon highways since the late 1970’s in order to provide an improved level of service to the traveling public. BST was initially used for dust control on gravel roads as an alternative to calcium chloride and has since been developed as an inexpensive paved surface on low volume roads and as a stage replacement for asphaltic concrete on fully designed pavement structures.

There are approximately 1,860 kilometers of BST on the Yukon territorial highway system. The system, at present, is expanding on an annual basis. In addition, the Alaska Highway through north-eastern British Columbia, which is owned and operated by the federal government, has a further 500 kilometers of BST. In order to maintain an acceptable level of service, these highway systems need continual rejuvenation requiring significant expenditures of maintenance dollars. The efficient expenditure of these funds can only be achieved through project prioritization based on accurate and consistent information on the condition of the BST road network. In order to achieve this objective, a comprehensive management system was developed.

There is great photo layout of how this is done if you visit the site. Along with other technical data and up to the date highway conditions and weight restrictions.
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