Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Harper a mans word is his bond

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I wish I could understand the Harper mentality. First he breaks his promise, then he denies that he broke it, then he tries to confuse people as to what his promise actually was and now he ads insult to injury by using the peoples money for Conservative propaganda again trying to deny and confuse.

God, wouldn't he be better off if he just admitted he broke his promise and at least tried to compensate for it in some other way (fallow fields, loan guarantee for the upper Churchill).

He just looks ridiculous carrying on this way.
I totally agree. But keeping in mind that I feel NL has been hard done by in this federation and will continue to be, unless our systemically flawed political system changes. E³
Personally I think he should either keep his promise in part because the SCC did this federation and it's constitution an injustice on ruling NL resources on it' continental shelf belong to the ficticious country of Ottawa.

So really all this squabbling over equalization is mute because resources belong to the provinces in this dysfuntion federation.

You know what though I've had it with whining and complaining and argueing with Ottawa for what is rightfully ours.

I would much rather whine argue and fight to get the f&*^ out of this Imperialistic democracy of Ontario. Because I have come to the conclusion that it will never change and we will only continue to be walked on tread on used and abused by our "betters" right.

Harper was elected on his promises
-100% removal of one time, non-renewable resources from the equalization formula.
-Custodial management Ownership and Control of our continental shelf.
-5 Wing HVGB, UAV squadron, 650 man force, 200 man force st john's
-Armoured ice breakers
-Bahh why bother the country is the problem not it's leaders anyway.
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