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Equalization talking points


Want their cake and eat it to.

While this may play well with Ontario and Quebec where Newfoundlander's and Labradorians have been portrayed as Lazy UI collecting bums the reality is more like

Let them eat cake!

One off deal

While this is the accepted acknowledgement of the Atlantic Accord amongst federalists the real story is that NL's continental shelf should never have be taken away from NL.

It is in the founding principles of the federation that the provinces own and control their own resources.

But because the Supreme kangaroo Court of canada (ON/QU) is stacked and appointed in their favor with 3 three judges from Ontario and 3 three judges from Quebec with the other 3 Three judges coming from the other 8 colonies and three territories the SCC and the federalists circumvented one of the founding principles of this federation and granted ownership and control of NL's continental shelf to the ficticious country known as Ottawa.

Besides one off deals aren't uncommon in this federation of asymetrical federalism there are lots of examples.

Quebec is a One Off province, they collect their own taxes, administer their own pension plan, have a seat on UNESCO, run their own child care program, Run their own health care, do their own immigration for all intensive purposes Quebec is already a country within a country. In fact Quebec is a country within a federation truth be told.
There was also the One off deal that was brokered to allow the Upper Churchill to go ahead in which hydro revenues were exempted from the equalization formula on behalf of Quebec while NL had to incude those revenues into their bottom line while only receiving a pittance of said revenues. NL still hasn't been properly compensated for all of those equalization claw backs. Currently Quebec collects somewhere in the range of 1 billion a year while NL gets a meer 200 300 million.

Then there was the Alberta one off deal for the development of the tar sands and economic rejeuvenation of the Alberta economy by allowing them a reprieve from equalization claw backs for something like 16 years and a 5 billion dollar gift to start up with no ownership strings attached. Unlike NL which needed help to develop their offshore oil and gas when one of the partners pulled out Ottawa bought up that portion of the investors and kept it as an ownership stake 8.5% in Hibernia.

Saint Lawrence Seaway, Confederation Bridge, etc etc.

Even the Obrien report had as apart of it's recommendations a one off deal for Ontario and Quebec by not including (Exempting) user fees from the equalization formula. Then the CPC turns around and enshrines per capita funding as apart of their new revised equalization formula further benefiting the more populos provinces of ON/QU. This being a direct contravention to the way in which the equalization formula is clawed back from the colonies. It would have made more sense to include the per capita user fees as an off setting way of collecting or clawing back equalization funding if the new formula of paying out is to be on a per capita basis.

CAP any cap which measures the fiscal capacity a province is allowed to achieve upon another provinces capability is nothing more than a colonialist CAP. Why should any province be restricted to the fiscal capacity of Ontario other than to keep the colonies at or below the level of the empire? IF anything the principles used to allow Alberta and in the Atlantic Accord should have been used where by the have not province is allowed a reprieve from claw backs to get it's economy in order with it' one time natural resource revenues.

It is a poor leader that doesn't take ownership of a job and blames someone else for his indecision and poor leadership skills. When Harper came out and blamed his broken promise on the fact that the premiers couldn't come to a concensus on equalization at the Council of the Federation. A program that is wholely funded and administered by the feds. In fact what harper is saying by capitulating to the Ontario and Quebec premiers in that they were the ones opposed to his original promise we may as well get rid of the federal govt and replace them with the Council of the Federation lord knows we would at least have some form of equality in this phony democracy that way.

The Atlantic Accord was just an attempt to rectify an injustice perpetrated against the people of NL and all coastal provinces by giving them back what was rightfully theirs to begin with according to the founding principle of this federation. Even then it didn't go far enough to correct the injustice because coastal provinces still don't completely own and control their adjacent resources which are either in or under their respective continental shelf. IE: Fallow field Ottawa wouldn't allow NL to implement Fallow Field legislation over it's offshore oil and gas because Ottawa has to do whats in the best interest of the makority of canadians by defeulat ON/QU and is in a conflict of interest by having any ownership and control over a provinces resources.

The Obrien report which is what Harper used as a basis to capitualte on his promise made in two separte election campaigns and in writing on 6 six different occasions to 4 different Premiers was originally commissioned by the Martin govt the same govt in which Scott Reid was apart of and vowed that NL would pay for their insolence of lowering the flags to make Martin keep his promise.

Lets not forget harpers defending his promises and policy platform in the last election by having it costed by the independant Economist group the "Conference Board of Canada". Economist says Tories gave him incomplete platform
OTTAWA -- A prominent economist commissioned by the Conservatives to assess the financial soundness of their election platform says major items were omitted from the version he was given.

Paul Darby, deputy chief economist of the Conference Board of Canada, originally concluded that Stephen Harper's Conservative platform "is affordable in each fiscal year from 2005-2006 through 2010-2011."

The Conservative party promoted that conclusion last week as evidence its election platform had been "independently verified" by the Conference Board, an Ottawa-based think-tank.

But Darby says the version of the platform he was given to vet didn't include a Conservative party health-care guarantee which states patients will be transported to another jurisdiction if they can't get timely care at home.

It also omitted a Tory platform promise to redress the so-called "fiscal imbalance" between Ottawa and the provinces.

Blessed; more like last rights for a dying people and province within this systemically flawed colonialist empire of Ontario and Quebec.

Something else the uninformed should keep in mind when reading all of those equalization numbers. All of those monies aren't equalization most are provincial revenues and if canada were a truely benevolent society all of those funds would be considered NL's own sources of revenue anyway.

If you are still in doubt as to NL's right to own and control it's own resources. Think of it this way. If NL were to separate from this federation tomorrow, who would own the Grand Banks?

As for Harpocrites spin that he didn't break a promise well there isn't much to be said on that other than Bullshit!

Where is the nation building strategy? All I'm seeing from this Neo Conservative govt like all of the govt's before it is vote buying and legacy protection in trying to appease Quebec from separating. I don't blame Harper anymore than I blame all of his predecessors. It is inherent in our systemically flawed political system that they must pander to ON/QU if they want to get elected what with ON having 106 seats and Quebec with 75 totalling 181 out of 308. With no equality for the provinces anywhere within this federation. Not in the Senate Not in the Supreme Court of Canada not anywhere. Even the COF is a shame and a farce because the feds use it's indecision to make their own policy and support the more vote rich provinces demands.

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