Saturday, April 28, 2007


Equalization outside the box


Now were talking about some creative thinking outside the box on the part of Saskatchewan. This is really what the cap and claw back is all about anyway in that a cap and claw backs work to maintain the status quo and will never allow a have not province to develop it's infrastructure, and economy.

Finance Minister Andrew Thomson hinted Friday the provincial government is looking seriously at working around equalization rules to prevent what he calls a $1.2-billion con- fi scation of resource cash by Ottawa.

Under the scenario, petroleum, potash and uranium companies would make direct contributions to build infrastructure such as hospitals or highways.
Speaking on background, the senior Finance official points out the Courchene proposal is not too different from the manner in which Quebec and Manitoba collect hydro "rents." The provinces receive artifi cially low revenues from their hydro-electric resources by charging citizens "lower than market rates" for electricity. As a result, any rental rates for use of the water resource for power generation does not get counted in the general revenues of those hydrorich provinces.

I can't see this being anyworse than what harper and the Capitalist Party of canada are trying to do the Atlantic Accord by unilaterally changing a signed contract. At the very least making it so that the co signers of that contract are backed into a corner and will be forced into signing on. In fact this should be right up Harpocrites ally and the CPC parties platform of Dis-Advantage canada in that it would be a Public Private Partnership PPP. That and a precedent has already been set and in use for many years by both Quebec and Manitoba with their Hydro electric revenues.

Newfoundland labrador has the highest unemployment rate, and lowest income. We have third world ferries, over 200 communities on a boil water order. 33 communities relying on expensive and substandard diesel electric generation. No roads in Labrador or along the south coast and the roads we do have are either falling apart or don't have hard top. Normans Bay doesn't have running water or sewer. Nain which is serviced entirely by air in the winter doesn't have IFR or lighting to accomodate night time landings and there is alot of night in the winter at those latitudes. The highest landing fees in all of canada are in Labrador.

Just to name a few of the issues that need to be addressed in the short, medium, and long term with our one time resource revenues.

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The highest landing fees in all of canada are in Labrador.

Are they?

Try landing at Pearson.
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