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Seven Wonders of Newfoundland Labrador

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Foreign Affair He's the minister of love. Peter MacKay

This is too funny. A must watch LOL.

David McGuinty: What about your dog?
Peter MacKay: You've already got her.

If you listen real close you can actually hear it.

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Short term climate change solution

Switzerlands Glacier Blanket.

Water bomber dropping a load of fire retardant laced water.

I have no idea if it will come to this or not but if we don't come to grips with our climate change gases something like this may be our only option for short term survival. That is to say if we reach the tipping point a point of no return so to speak. Not to sound alarmist but the earth's time clock and how we perceive time aren't on the same plane. The earth and especially our water and oceans are basically a big heat sink. Heat sinks by their very nature retain heat or cold and mitigate extremes of hot and cold. So if that heat sink starts to retain more heat then it may become exponential. Then again warmer water makes for more evaporation and hence more cloud cover and less heat from the sun getting through at least at the lower latitudes.

IMHO the only option we would ever have of mitigating the warming effects of green house gases (GHG) in the short term would be to somehow insulate or artificially create replace the once natural relective polar Ice cover which is being lost by a man made reflective (insulating) cover.

So here is what I propose use water bombers with a white dye (like colored fire retardant) and replace the lost white covering of the polar ice/snow covering to reflect the suns heat from being captured and retained in the poles.

I know it is hard to imagine the poles being the cause of global warming what with everyones perception of the poles as being cold and ice covered, but what people forget is that the poles are actually get 24 hours of light in summer and 24 hours of dark in the winter. Now withthe melting of the reflective ice/snow cover at the poles the amount of heat being retained at the poles due to this loss is the real cause behind global warming. So if we can somehow artificially replace that reflective covering with colored dye from water bombers we could in effect buy time in dealing withthe effects of GHG's global warming climate change.

We have an air base in the Artic perfectly located to accomplish such an initiative with Alert. We have the technology with water bombers and fire retardant dyes that shouldn't be too cost prohibitive.

Now what would be an unknown would be whether or not dropping white dye laced water on the poles would last or would it be washed away each summer/spring. Whether it would adversely affect the ecology of the region.

Anyway food for thought.
Some good info at WIKI on this.
A better mode of application might be crop dusting or wahtever method was used in Vietnam for the agent orange dispertion.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Equalization outside the box


Now were talking about some creative thinking outside the box on the part of Saskatchewan. This is really what the cap and claw back is all about anyway in that a cap and claw backs work to maintain the status quo and will never allow a have not province to develop it's infrastructure, and economy.

Finance Minister Andrew Thomson hinted Friday the provincial government is looking seriously at working around equalization rules to prevent what he calls a $1.2-billion con- fi scation of resource cash by Ottawa.

Under the scenario, petroleum, potash and uranium companies would make direct contributions to build infrastructure such as hospitals or highways.
Speaking on background, the senior Finance official points out the Courchene proposal is not too different from the manner in which Quebec and Manitoba collect hydro "rents." The provinces receive artifi cially low revenues from their hydro-electric resources by charging citizens "lower than market rates" for electricity. As a result, any rental rates for use of the water resource for power generation does not get counted in the general revenues of those hydrorich provinces.

I can't see this being anyworse than what harper and the Capitalist Party of canada are trying to do the Atlantic Accord by unilaterally changing a signed contract. At the very least making it so that the co signers of that contract are backed into a corner and will be forced into signing on. In fact this should be right up Harpocrites ally and the CPC parties platform of Dis-Advantage canada in that it would be a Public Private Partnership PPP. That and a precedent has already been set and in use for many years by both Quebec and Manitoba with their Hydro electric revenues.

Newfoundland labrador has the highest unemployment rate, and lowest income. We have third world ferries, over 200 communities on a boil water order. 33 communities relying on expensive and substandard diesel electric generation. No roads in Labrador or along the south coast and the roads we do have are either falling apart or don't have hard top. Normans Bay doesn't have running water or sewer. Nain which is serviced entirely by air in the winter doesn't have IFR or lighting to accomodate night time landings and there is alot of night in the winter at those latitudes. The highest landing fees in all of canada are in Labrador.

Just to name a few of the issues that need to be addressed in the short, medium, and long term with our one time resource revenues.

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Friday, April 27, 2007



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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


H/T to NewfoundlandLabrador News of Note for this one

Is Williams Really So Difficult to Deal With?

If you listen to Mr. Hearn and his friends in the Newfoundland Liberal party you might think it's simply impossible for the oil industry to deal with the Premier.

The head of Husky Energy would beg to differ. He describes the Premier as "very helpful" when it comes to the Newfoundland government working with his company.

More from the Financial Post :

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Harper's gov't has betrayed Nova Scotia over accords

Very good article here on the macinations of the Capitalist Party of canada CPC.

The Daily News

Political expedience created the Atlantic Accords, and now political expedience is killing them. Stephen Harper supported them in 2004, because he needed votes. Paul Martin signed them in 2005, because he needed votes. And now Harper is killing them, because he needs votes.

If you want to know how ugly and dishonest Canadian politics are, this is a perfect case study.

Monday, the deceit and half-truths continued.

Let's start with External Affairs Minister Peter MacKay, our man in Harper's cabinet. When reporters cornered him on the accords - while he was attending a news conference at the QEII hospital - he again defended the ultimatum Harper gave Nova Scotia in last week's federal budget.

"They can get more money, or they can get even more money. Those are their options," MacKay said. "They have the best of both worlds."

They? You could argue MacKay is referring to Premier Rodney MacDonald's government. But the bottom line is that we, the hard-working citizens of Nova Scotia, are the "they" Harper is beating down with his attack on our offshore accord. Until MacKay starts referring to Nova Scotians as "we" and defending "us" against "them" - his federal Conservative brethren - he'll continue to be complicit in Harper's betrayal of Nova Scotia.

And it's definitely a betrayal. The accords Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador signed in 2005 promised offset payments equal to 100 per cent of any reduction in equalization caused by offshore gas and oil royalties, using the "equalization formula as it exists at the time."

But under Harper's ultimatum, the two provinces can only get full benefit of the Atlantic Accords if they settle for a revised version of the old equalization formula.

The new, fatter equalization formula cripples the accords' benefits by capping the total equalization and offset payments either province can receive at a level equal to the per capita "fiscal capacity" of the least wealthy "have" province, which is currently Ontario.

Contrary to agreement

That cap prevents us from getting full benefit of our offshore under the new formula, contrary to Nova Scotia's signed agreement with the Government of Canada. MacKay knows that, but he talks around it in the same obfuscating message points Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty employ.

Lumping in the offsets with the equalization payments is a convenient way for the federal Tories to pander to those provinces that hate the accords - that's every one except Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. They see it as us getting our cake, and eating it, too. To a certain extent, it is.

But the idea was that giving us the full benefit of our offshore royalties would provide an economic development tool to the two most indebted provinces in Canada. Without the ability to exceed Ontario's fiscal capacity, we're pretty much doomed to remain financial basketcases.

Harper recognized this in 2004, when he was in Halifax looking for votes.

Different message then

"Nova Scotia should be able to realize the benefits of the offshore to jump-start its economy just like my province, Alberta, was able to do with petroleum revenues," Harper said then. "If Alberta had been subject to these kinds of clawbacks, I tell you it would still be a have-not province today."

Other provinces have benefited from federal policies and agreements designed to boost their individual economies. Quebec has flourished thanks to massive subsidies for Bombardier, and drug-patent laws that protect pharmaceutical companies based there. Ontario has had the Auto Pact. And, of course, there's the federally funded icebreaking that keeps ports along the St. Lawrence Seaway operational throughout the winter.

Such policies have always produced jealousy, but successive federal governments have stood by them, because improving provincial economies is good for the nation as a whole. Harper doesn't see that, at least not where Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are concerned.

The other thing that happened Monday was that Nova Scotia's six Liberal MPs held a news conference to speak out in defence of the accords. More politics.

It's great that they're standing up for us, but if they really wanted to do it in a non-partisan fashion, they would have invited NDP MPs Alexa McDonough and Peter Stoffer along, because they've spoken out in the House of Commons, too.

At least our provincial politicians have realized there is strength in unity and numbers, and all three parties have set aside their differences to fight Harper together on this.

Moreover, it's questionable how committed the federal Liberals and New Democrats are to the accords. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland MPs have conducted the entire defence of the accords in the House of Commons.

Neither Stephane Dion nor Jack Layton has stood on the issue since Flaherty introduced his budget last Monday. Not once.

Why? Because they know the rest of Canada wants Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to lose.

David Rodenhiser doesn't like Stephen Harper's culture of deceit. He lives in Dartmouth.

Nova Scotia Economist Paul Dobson like Wade Locke before him falls prey to the Capitalist party of canada's CPC propaganda and slander machine.

Paul Hobson, an economist, said last week a cap on how much equalization and offshore revenue the province can receive if it opts into the Tories’ new equalization system will cost the province about $1 billion.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


DDR Dance Dance Revolution

Who said video games are bad for your health.

Now if you took this and implemented it either into the school gym class or had a running total competition for your school imagine the skinny healthy cost effective health promotion you would have.

Kinda like West Virginia did.

Forget square dancing, relay races or rope climbing. The new way to spice up gym class in West Virginia involves the sweaty, fleet-footed rush of "Dance Dance Revolution."

The state of West Virginia and "DDR" publisher Konami announced Wednesday (January 25) that all 765 public schools in the Mountain State will incorporate the dance-pad-based video game into curriculum over the next two years.

A similar thing could be done with karaoke for literacy programs. Encourage the use of Closed Captioning as well.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Don't get mad TAKE A PICTURE!


Chuck Cadman

Chuck Cadman

Charles "Chuck" Cadman, (February 21, 1948 – July 9, 2005) was a Canadian politician and Member of Parliament from 1997 to 2005, representing the riding of Surrey North in Surrey, British Columbia.

He was born in Kitchener, Ontario and grew up in North Bay, Ontario. He was a guitarist with a band called The Fringe, which toured Canada. He also played backup to The Guess Who on CBC Television. He eventually settled in British Columbia, where he attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology and became a certified electrical and electronics engineering technician. He worked for ten years as a microfiche camera technician for the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

On October 18, 1992, Cadman's 16-year-old son Jesse was stabbed to death in a random street attack by a group of young people. In response to Jesse's death, Cadman and his wife Dona created the group CRY -- Crime Responsibility and Youth -- and counselled teens likely to become violent. He also campaigned for a tougher Young Offenders Act. His activism against youth violence propelled him into politics, first to carry on his fight against youth violence and for victims' rights. He was first elected to Parliament for Surrey North in the 1997 election as a member of the Reform Party of Canada. He introduced a private members bill which proposed to raise the maximum jail term for parents whose children commit crimes while under their supervision. This bill would later be incorporated into Canada's Youth Criminal Justice Act in November 2000. He was also known for wearing a ponytail and blue jeans in Parliament.

He was re-elected under the banner of the Canadian Alliance in the 2000 election, and was appointed Justice Critic. However, prior to the 2004 election Cadman lost the nomination for the Conservative Party to Jasbir Singh Cheema, a former television news anchor and associate of Gurmant Grewal who brought a very large number of "new party members" to the vote. Cadman was also diagnosed with cancer in early May 2004 and underwent surgery to remove a tumour from his groin. He then ran as an independent in that election and was elected. He heard about the election call from his hospital bed.

He was the only candidate not affiliated with a party to win a seat in the 2004 election, and remained an independent, refusing offers to rejoin the Conservatives. Originally sitting as the only independent in a minority government, Cadman held considerable power. (Carolyn Parrish, David Kilgour, and Pat O'Brien all previously Liberals, sat as independents as well.)

On May 19, 2005, Cadman flew to Ottawa for a confidence vote not long after undergoing chemotherapy treatment for malignant melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Cadman voted with the government on the 2005 budget, which had incorporated amendments proposed by the NDP, and forced a tie in the House of Commons. The tie was broken by the Speaker of the House, who voted in favour of the Liberal budget. The budget was later passed in Cadman's absence on June 23, 2005. In an interview after the budget vote, Cadman said he voted in favour of the budget simply because he was obeying the wishes of constituents who did not want to face another election a year after giving the minority Liberals their shaky mandate.
Independent MP Chuck Cadman votes during confidence vote on the federal budget in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Thursday, May 19, 2005. As a result of Cadman's decision to support the budget, Paul Martin's fragile Liberal minority government twice averted an election, narrowly winning confidence votes in the House of Commons. It would be one of his final votes
Independent MP Chuck Cadman votes during confidence vote on the federal budget in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Thursday, May 19, 2005. As a result of Cadman's decision to support the budget, Paul Martin's fragile Liberal minority government twice averted an election, narrowly winning confidence votes in the House of Commons. It would be one of his final votes

On July 9, 2005, Cadman died at his home after a two year long bout of malignant melanoma. Cadman's memorial service was held on July 16, 2005 at Johnston Heights Church, Surrey BC. Over 1500 people were in attendance: in addition to family, friends, and politicians of all parties in the church itself, Cadman's constituents packed the neighboring assembly hall and courtyard to pay their last respects by watching the service on television screens. Speeches honoring Cadman as a family man, parliamentarian, and advocate for victim's rights were made by Cadman's daughter, Jodi, Prime Minister Paul Martin, BC MLA Kevin Falcon, BC MLA Dave Hayer, Surrey Councillor Penny Priddy and several others. His wife, Dona, will be running for the Conservative Party of Canada in Surrey--North in the next election. She was elected as the Conservative candidate on December 20th, 2006.

Friday, April 20, 2007


No more lies rally; Equalization, Atlantic Accord

Mr Whittle the man organizing rally in support of the premier of NL's stance against Ottawa's broken promise and lies is looking for anyone who is interesting in helping out on an organizing committee so if you have some time to do this you can reach Mr. Whittle at: or by phone at: 576-2330.

Mr. Whittle is also asking that anyone interested in this pass his email address along to friends and associates who might also be interested so he can guage the level of support. He is also asking anyone who can do so to go on the open line programs over the next few days and support his efforts, ask questions and otherwise stir up public support.

You can also make your feelings known by commenting on VOCM's question of the day for the rest of the week-end. There ae also some good slogans and ideas for signs and protests on there.

Personally I like the hanging of Harper Effigy idea or Flaherty in a hockey net to take shots at. 1 million for every goal to see if we can get 11 BILLION goals.

Do you support plans for a massive rally on Confederation Hill to support the premier in the equalization fight? Why or why not?

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George Bush Fear mongering politics to the detriment of the planet

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Ted Morton takes a stand on equalization

Why including non-renewables into the equalization formula is regressive for nation building and equates to nothing more than a provincial welfare wall.

Here is a blog entry by an albertan that does a good job of talking aout equalization also.

Who is Ted Morton?

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Power to the people

Democracy: Elected by the people for the people!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Ontario Chamber of Commerce Drafts federal budget

Ontario chamber of Commerce Drafts federal budget

Harpers Neo Concervative/Alliance/Reform government finalizes it and

The separatist party of Quebec (Bloc Quebecois) ratifies it by voting for it in the House of Commonswith the blessing of the Provincial Quebec separatist party (Party Quebecois) .

Read the proposed budget put forth by the Ontario Chamber of Conference. The similarities are striking.
2007 Federal Budget Matrix - March 19 2007 (157 KB)

OCC Pre-Budget Recommendations

The OCC urges the federal government to find a principle-based solution to the funding gap between what Ontarians contribute to Confederation and what the province receives back in transfers and programs.
1. BALANCED FORMULA: Provinces that receive equalization should not have a higher fiscal capacity than non-recipient provinces.
2. SYSTEM FAIRNESS: Provinces that benefit from equalization should not have higher per capita program expenditures than the average of contributing provinces.

Who is really running this country anyway?

Read all of the Press Releases on the reaction to the federal budget 2007 here.

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How they do highways in the Yukon

BST Road Surface Management System for Yukon Highways


Bituminous Surface Treatments (BST) have been used on Yukon highways since the late 1970’s in order to provide an improved level of service to the traveling public. BST was initially used for dust control on gravel roads as an alternative to calcium chloride and has since been developed as an inexpensive paved surface on low volume roads and as a stage replacement for asphaltic concrete on fully designed pavement structures.

There are approximately 1,860 kilometers of BST on the Yukon territorial highway system. The system, at present, is expanding on an annual basis. In addition, the Alaska Highway through north-eastern British Columbia, which is owned and operated by the federal government, has a further 500 kilometers of BST. In order to maintain an acceptable level of service, these highway systems need continual rejuvenation requiring significant expenditures of maintenance dollars. The efficient expenditure of these funds can only be achieved through project prioritization based on accurate and consistent information on the condition of the BST road network. In order to achieve this objective, a comprehensive management system was developed.

There is great photo layout of how this is done if you visit the site. Along with other technical data and up to the date highway conditions and weight restrictions.

Great analogy of how canada operates: Stephen Harper - Voted Canada's #1 Dysfunctional Dad

As Canadians we all live in a strong federation of provinces. We are all a part of a proud and historic alliance. We are a union of diverse jurisdictions which equal far more than the sum of our individual parts. A family, if you will, of brothers and sisters, all equally loved and nurtured by a parental and protecting Ottawa.

Excuse me while I puke!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Tory Spy Revealed!!

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World leaders on climate change

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Did You Know....?


How to get out of afghanistan

I'm sure there are more militarily astute people out there than me. In fact I'm sure of it.

But here goes.
Pull out the troops first and leave the artilary and airforce there as support for the Afghanistan army and police alnog with a minimal security force. Maybe with a few observers and consultants in the interim to lias with the Afghan forces.

Then pull out the artilary if and when the Afghan army can handle their own.

and finally pull out the airforce.

By doing an incremental pull out the Afghan forces will have to take responsibility slowly with our real echelon support.

What does Stephen Harper believe?

Yet another along the same lines.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Highway cameras help monitor Afghanistans IED threat

Not sure how feasible something like this would be. Just a thought.

Set up cameras like they have on the highways in canada to monitor the more dangerous locations.
They could be linked to helicopters or a base for dispatch. They could even be linked to the internet so the whole world could monitor the specific areas for threats. Lord knows the moms dads and friends of soldiers serving over there would be monitoring.

Now they would probably need to be encased in bulletproof boxes or something and hooked up to some sort of web for wireless broadcast. They would also need to have night vision capabilities.

I guess it is kinda like the monitoring towers the US is proposing to put on the canadian border.

Québec Redneck in a Suit


Stéphane Dion sur le Référendum de 1995

Oh Whoa is canada.
Conservative party of canada is lead by a former Alberta separatist party the Alliance party.

The Liberal leader was a former quebec separatist.

A tiger doesn't change it's stripes.

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Bev Oda, conservative alliance

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A tiger doesn't change it's stripes Stockwell day Conservative Alliance

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Peter Mackay


BlokeBack mountain Bush and Steve style LOL

This is a must watch. Very well done.

This is in french and has some nudity so you may need to log on and confirm to view.

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Stephen (Steve) Harper sounds like Bush


Conservative party separated at birth twins

This is too funny. The only one I would change is Stephen Harpers twin to George Bush.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Pierre Trudeau - Just Watch me - October Crisis 1970

Blast from the past.

Saturday, April 14, 2007




When Cabot landed on our rocky shores over 500 years ago
Codfish teamed on the banks and the bays, "food baskets" of the world we're told
With generous quota and ships of steel, they pillaged it endlessly
Now its make-work projects, moratoriums instead of a living from the sea.

Will the sun every shine on our pine clad hills, where our fathers stood long ago.
Will mountains crumble and seas run dry, before our people ever know.
Will there ever be a time on this wind swept rock, when have not will be forever banned.
While we're awaiting for the sun to shine, tell me, who's guarding Newfoundland?

The mighty Churchill river with its endless power keeps rolling down to the sea.,
Lighting up the parks in Disneyland for all the world to come and see
But with big time bargaining and little foresight, the devil's pact was signed
Sixty more years of profit margins, stalled on the dotted line.

Will the sun every shine on our pine clad hills, where our fathers stood long ago.
Will mountains crumble and seas run dry, before our people ever know.
Will there ever be a time on this wind swept rock, when have not will be forever banned.
While we're awaiting for the sun to shine, tell me, who's guarding Newfoundland?

Oh, Hibernia, you've been our hope for a quarter century or more
Billion dollar rigs in the North Atlantic sucking up oil thru the ocean floor
While accords and agreements and the short end of the stick, handled up in Ottawa
So its high expectations and low returns, not what the prophets foresaw

Will the sun every shine on our pine clad hills, where our fathers stood long ago.
Will mountains crumble and seas run dry, before our people ever know.
Will there ever be a time on this wind swept rock, when have not will be forever banned.
While we're awaiting for the sun to shine, tell me, who's guarding Newfoundland?

Those nickel deposits up in Labrador sent stock markets all in a spin
Speculations, smelters and shares, setting our dreams on fire again
But heavy handed companies with high bottom lines, pushed all those dreams in a shade
Its watch and wonder, waffle and wait, trusting the tourist trade.

Will the sun every shine on our pine clad hills, where our fathers stood long ago.
Will mountains crumble and seas run dry, before our people ever know.
Will there ever be a time on this wind swept rock, when have not will be forever banned.
While we're awaiting for the sun to shine, tell me, who's guarding Newfoundland?

Repeat last line...
Won't you tell me who's guarding Newfoundland??....
By: Don Crewe

The seeds for this song were sown when I attended a High School Graduation a few years
back.. The proceedings began with the " Ode to Newfoundland". The guest speaker talked
about all the mega projects that had failed to produce the predicted number of jobs for
our graduates, and encouraged them not to be afraid to seek employment elsewhere across the country.
Add to this Brian Peckford's famous dictum "someday the sun will shine and have-not will be no more" and
you have all the ingredients for this song.

Don Crewe

Click Here for Quick Radio Quality Download

Click Here for High Quality Download (slower to open)

and Don Crewe for this.

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Newfoundland Labrador First party has a new Blog

The Newfoundland and Labrador First Party

“The People’s Party”

Of the People, by the People, for the People

We envision a Newfoundland and Labrador to be proud of for generations to come.

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Conservatives Failed Promise on the Atlantic Accord


Toe the party line.

National parties must do what's in the best interest of the majority of canadians by default that means Ontario and Quebec even if the province which owns the resource suffers.

Broken Trust

Federal Government Misled Province on Impact of New Equalization Program

The Honourable Tom Marshall, Minister of Finance and President of Treasury Board, today confirmed that the federal government has misled the Provincial Government and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador regarding the true implications of the new equalization program as outlined in its 2007 Budget. According to figures released by Memorial University economist Dr. Wade Locke, the net impact of these changes is that the new equalization program will provide the province with $1 billion less than the existing equalization program over a 13-year period. It is also $11 billion short of what the Prime Minister promised the province in writing over that same 13-year time frame.
“Despite assurances from the Federal Minister of Finance that the accords would be protected, fundamental amendments to the legislation implementing the 2005 Atlantic Accord agreement have been proposed without any consultation with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. These amendments can be found in the ‘consequential amendments’ sections of the 2007 Federal Budget Implementation Act. Consequential amendments are normally reserved for housekeeping items to fix technical issues. It is not a place to shroud fundamental changes of this magnitude,” continued Minister Marshall.

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Jim Flaherty - Fiscal Imbalance Fix?

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Dr. Jon Gerrard's response to federal budget

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Who will speak for Newfoundland Labrador?

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Friday, April 13, 2007


Beware, canadian coyote

Caribou threat
Predator control program needed to halt coyote population explosion: outfitter

HOWLEY If no action is taken to curb the rise of the eastern coyote population, outfitter Ray Broughton fears that woodland caribou are doomed.

The Howley-based outfitter has been warning government departments and outdoors groups of the threat posed by the coyotes.

He believes the recent cuts in the caribou hunting licences are only the beginning. In fact, he predicts a moratorium will be imposed on caribou hunting if protective measures aren’t implemented immediately.

“My prediction is that if something isn’t done to protect the caribou, especially during the calving time, then there will be a moratorium brought down by 2009,” Broughton told The Western Star. “My guides and myself have seen a dramatic decline in the numbers of caribou over the past 10 years.

“We’re on a downward spiral, and if nothing’s done, then they’re going to have to shut the hunt down completely.”

Caribou news Blog

Equalization talking points


Want their cake and eat it to.

While this may play well with Ontario and Quebec where Newfoundlander's and Labradorians have been portrayed as Lazy UI collecting bums the reality is more like

Let them eat cake!

One off deal

While this is the accepted acknowledgement of the Atlantic Accord amongst federalists the real story is that NL's continental shelf should never have be taken away from NL.

It is in the founding principles of the federation that the provinces own and control their own resources.

But because the Supreme kangaroo Court of canada (ON/QU) is stacked and appointed in their favor with 3 three judges from Ontario and 3 three judges from Quebec with the other 3 Three judges coming from the other 8 colonies and three territories the SCC and the federalists circumvented one of the founding principles of this federation and granted ownership and control of NL's continental shelf to the ficticious country known as Ottawa.

Besides one off deals aren't uncommon in this federation of asymetrical federalism there are lots of examples.

Quebec is a One Off province, they collect their own taxes, administer their own pension plan, have a seat on UNESCO, run their own child care program, Run their own health care, do their own immigration for all intensive purposes Quebec is already a country within a country. In fact Quebec is a country within a federation truth be told.
There was also the One off deal that was brokered to allow the Upper Churchill to go ahead in which hydro revenues were exempted from the equalization formula on behalf of Quebec while NL had to incude those revenues into their bottom line while only receiving a pittance of said revenues. NL still hasn't been properly compensated for all of those equalization claw backs. Currently Quebec collects somewhere in the range of 1 billion a year while NL gets a meer 200 300 million.

Then there was the Alberta one off deal for the development of the tar sands and economic rejeuvenation of the Alberta economy by allowing them a reprieve from equalization claw backs for something like 16 years and a 5 billion dollar gift to start up with no ownership strings attached. Unlike NL which needed help to develop their offshore oil and gas when one of the partners pulled out Ottawa bought up that portion of the investors and kept it as an ownership stake 8.5% in Hibernia.

Saint Lawrence Seaway, Confederation Bridge, etc etc.

Even the Obrien report had as apart of it's recommendations a one off deal for Ontario and Quebec by not including (Exempting) user fees from the equalization formula. Then the CPC turns around and enshrines per capita funding as apart of their new revised equalization formula further benefiting the more populos provinces of ON/QU. This being a direct contravention to the way in which the equalization formula is clawed back from the colonies. It would have made more sense to include the per capita user fees as an off setting way of collecting or clawing back equalization funding if the new formula of paying out is to be on a per capita basis.

CAP any cap which measures the fiscal capacity a province is allowed to achieve upon another provinces capability is nothing more than a colonialist CAP. Why should any province be restricted to the fiscal capacity of Ontario other than to keep the colonies at or below the level of the empire? IF anything the principles used to allow Alberta and in the Atlantic Accord should have been used where by the have not province is allowed a reprieve from claw backs to get it's economy in order with it' one time natural resource revenues.

It is a poor leader that doesn't take ownership of a job and blames someone else for his indecision and poor leadership skills. When Harper came out and blamed his broken promise on the fact that the premiers couldn't come to a concensus on equalization at the Council of the Federation. A program that is wholely funded and administered by the feds. In fact what harper is saying by capitulating to the Ontario and Quebec premiers in that they were the ones opposed to his original promise we may as well get rid of the federal govt and replace them with the Council of the Federation lord knows we would at least have some form of equality in this phony democracy that way.

The Atlantic Accord was just an attempt to rectify an injustice perpetrated against the people of NL and all coastal provinces by giving them back what was rightfully theirs to begin with according to the founding principle of this federation. Even then it didn't go far enough to correct the injustice because coastal provinces still don't completely own and control their adjacent resources which are either in or under their respective continental shelf. IE: Fallow field Ottawa wouldn't allow NL to implement Fallow Field legislation over it's offshore oil and gas because Ottawa has to do whats in the best interest of the makority of canadians by defeulat ON/QU and is in a conflict of interest by having any ownership and control over a provinces resources.

The Obrien report which is what Harper used as a basis to capitualte on his promise made in two separte election campaigns and in writing on 6 six different occasions to 4 different Premiers was originally commissioned by the Martin govt the same govt in which Scott Reid was apart of and vowed that NL would pay for their insolence of lowering the flags to make Martin keep his promise.

Lets not forget harpers defending his promises and policy platform in the last election by having it costed by the independant Economist group the "Conference Board of Canada". Economist says Tories gave him incomplete platform
OTTAWA -- A prominent economist commissioned by the Conservatives to assess the financial soundness of their election platform says major items were omitted from the version he was given.

Paul Darby, deputy chief economist of the Conference Board of Canada, originally concluded that Stephen Harper's Conservative platform "is affordable in each fiscal year from 2005-2006 through 2010-2011."

The Conservative party promoted that conclusion last week as evidence its election platform had been "independently verified" by the Conference Board, an Ottawa-based think-tank.

But Darby says the version of the platform he was given to vet didn't include a Conservative party health-care guarantee which states patients will be transported to another jurisdiction if they can't get timely care at home.

It also omitted a Tory platform promise to redress the so-called "fiscal imbalance" between Ottawa and the provinces.

Blessed; more like last rights for a dying people and province within this systemically flawed colonialist empire of Ontario and Quebec.

Something else the uninformed should keep in mind when reading all of those equalization numbers. All of those monies aren't equalization most are provincial revenues and if canada were a truely benevolent society all of those funds would be considered NL's own sources of revenue anyway.

If you are still in doubt as to NL's right to own and control it's own resources. Think of it this way. If NL were to separate from this federation tomorrow, who would own the Grand Banks?

As for Harpocrites spin that he didn't break a promise well there isn't much to be said on that other than Bullshit!

Where is the nation building strategy? All I'm seeing from this Neo Conservative govt like all of the govt's before it is vote buying and legacy protection in trying to appease Quebec from separating. I don't blame Harper anymore than I blame all of his predecessors. It is inherent in our systemically flawed political system that they must pander to ON/QU if they want to get elected what with ON having 106 seats and Quebec with 75 totalling 181 out of 308. With no equality for the provinces anywhere within this federation. Not in the Senate Not in the Supreme Court of Canada not anywhere. Even the COF is a shame and a farce because the feds use it's indecision to make their own policy and support the more vote rich provinces demands.

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canada's political system breeds megalomaniacs

Toe the party line drawn by the majority Ontario.

Feds must do whats in the best interest of the majority of canadians. By default that means they must pander to Ontario and Quebec to the detriment of the other 8 colonial provinces and teritories.

One of the founding principles of this federation is that the provinces own and control their resources.
By Ottawa and the Supreme Court of canada ruling that Ottawa owns Newfoundland Labradors offshore oil and gas and continental shelf they have broken circumvented one of the founding principles of this federation.

Ott must do whats in the best interst of the majority of canadians that is why Ott shouldn't have any say in NL's continental shelf.

If NL were to separate it would own and control it's own continental shelf.

Stephen (Steve) Harper broken promises Holy flip flop Bat man

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Newfoundland Labrador Metis Nation promise to enter into negotiations

Williams said, "A PC government I lead will acknowledge that the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in the Powley case does indeed apply to Metis in Newfoundland and Labrador, and we will participate with the federal government and the Metis Nation in negotiations to define and enforce the specific rights affirmed in the Powley decision and other rights protected under Section 35 of the Constitution."

I don't have access to the actual letter. I got this from a telegram article.

Just another example of a people divided and fighting for the crumbs while upalong feasts on our loaves.

Political opportunism at best if not down right dirty back room dealing with our federal masters to oust the only premier weve ever had who had the best interest of the province as a whole front and centre. Shame Shame!

Personal taxes pigeon holed while corporate taxes are flat

Why is it there is a two in fact a three tiered tax system for the people of canada but the companies in canada all pay a flat tax?

It seems to me that companies like individuals should be taxed according to brackets.

Or better still taxes should be on a percentage basis. So the more money you make the more you pay on a percentage basis.

This type of tax system would be fairer and eliminate the hugh tax loop hole for the biggest earners in the corporate world. It would also eliminate catagorizing our population and the possibility of those with the ways and means to hide their income so that they end up in a lower arbitrary tax bracket.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Stephen (Steve) Harpers cameleon act of promises made promises broken

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Shaped charge possible circumvention strategy for shaped charge IED's

Shaped charge penetration

Shuttle craft heat dissipating tile

Shuttle craft re-entering earths atmosphere

I hope to god by putting this out there that I in no way shape or form am aiding those who aim to hurt and injure our soldiers. If so please let me know and I will remove it.

With the most recent IED Improvised Explosive Device killing 6 of our troops in Afghanistan. I got to thinking. While the exact type of explosive used during the most recent incident hasn't yet been determined, from what I've seen of the wreckage I'm inclined to assume that it was a shaped charge.

So I got to thinking how could a shaped charge be defeated. Not a easy task because a shaped charge unlike a blast charge has a very distinct and pointed area of attack.

I first got to thinking about how to defeat shaped charges after the recent Iraq incident and the British accusing Iran of supplying the know how and technology behind that attack.

Anyway I won't get into the details of how shaped charges work if your interested in this you can look it up for yourself there is lots of info on the web about how to make and use this particular technology.

My concern with this particular blog is to suggest a possible way of defeating shaped charges when it comes to armoured vehicles like the LAV III.

While there are many current technologies being used to defeat this particular threat I am unsure if it is being used in the LAV III. Like reactive armour, stand off etc.

Anyway here is my suggestion.

Attach the heat dissapating tile like they have on the shuttle to the outside of the LAV III as a means to help dissipate the heat which forms the molten metal slug that forms to penetrate the vehicles armour.

Even if penetration can be defeated spalding on the interior still needs to be a consideration.

Now this may or may not work but if it even cuts down the possibility of a shaped charge penetrating a vehicles armour it will have worked somewhat in conjuntion with the already existing technologies out there in use.

Another option would be to add layers of metal as apart of the stand off that would easily be picked up by the shaped charge and hence make the possibility of penetration less probable due to a larger sized slug and hence greater heat dissipation. Now this could possibly be incorporated into the add on heat dissipating tiles.

Another consideration would be to design vehicles so that as much as possible the floor is utilised as stand of and armour plating.

God help our troops if this is what killed our latest troops and this is to be the new form of IED's.

The americans call these charges EFD's EFP's or something like that according to a news story I heard. Forget what the acronym stands for now.

10% of the canadian military is comprised of Newfoundlander Labradorians who make up 2% of the population.
There isn't one operationally manned military base in NL. We are but a out post to any invasion, Even though before we joined canada there were three operationally manned military bases in NL, Stephenville, Argentia, Goose Bay.
The military doesn't reimburse our troops for the marine atlantic ferry crossing for their one paid trip home a year to their next of kin.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the most recent lost men and women of our forces.

Update: The use of these tiles could also have other benefits. Quicker dissipation of heat from armoured vehicles.
Would reduce the chances of vehicles being picked up by heat signature.
Could be beneficial in reducing the interior heat of the tanks currently being used in Afstan which is an ongoing problem.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Stephen (Steve) harper screw the planet screw the poor, Ashton Kuture Punked

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The real Stephen (Steve) Harper

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Freedom of speech Stephen (Steve) Harper style


Puppet Stephen (Steve) Harper on Afghanistan


Stephen (Steve) Harper is not a thin man

Ontario Steve Protest.

Stephen (Steve) Harper the bitch

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MUN Wade Locke explains Harpers broken promise by the numbers.


April 13, 2007

Federal Government Misled Province on Impact of New Equalization Program

The Honourable Tom Marshall, Minister of Finance and President of Treasury Board, today confirmed that the federal government has misled the Provincial Government and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador regarding the true implications of the new equalization program as outlined in its 2007 Budget. According to figures released by Memorial University economist Dr. Wade Locke, the net impact of these changes is that the new equalization program will provide the province with $1 billion less than the existing equalization program over a 13-year period. It is also $11 billion short of what the Prime Minister promised the province in writing over that same 13-year time frame.
“Despite assurances from the Federal Minister of Finance that the accords would be protected, fundamental amendments to the legislation implementing the 2005 Atlantic Accord agreement have been proposed without any consultation with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. These amendments can be found in the ‘consequential amendments’ sections of the 2007 Federal Budget Implementation Act. Consequential amendments are normally reserved for housekeeping items to fix technical issues. It is not a place to shroud fundamental changes of this magnitude,” continued Minister Marshall.

Memorial University economist Wade Locke's break down of Harpers Broken promise.

IMHO the only honorable way out of this for Harper is to reverse the original injustice perpetrated against the people of NL by the supreme court of canada, which is stacked in Ontario, Quebec and Ottawa's favor with 3 judges from Ontario 3 from Quebec and 3 from the remaining 8 colonies and 3 territories.

Where is the equality?

The SCC circumvented one of the original founding principles of this federation when it ruled that the oil and gas of the shores of NL and NS belonged to OTTAWA.

How is it Ottawa can own or control anything there is no country known as Ottawa. Ottawa is just an administrator of national affairs with the blessing of the members of this federation. If this federation were to break up tomorrow Ottawa wouldn't exist and the falsehood perpetrated against the coastal provinces would immediately become null and void in that those coastal provinces would immediately become owners and controllers in full of their respective continental shelfs.

So in reality all of this kerfluffle over equalization is mute in that the real issue is that Ottawa should never of had ownership and control over the provinces resources as is stated in the founding principles of this federation.

Just remember that while we are argueing over equalization Ottawa is still reaping in massive amounts of our money in that they through the SCC circumvented a founding principle of this federation in that the provinces solely own and control their own resources.

Not to mention Ottawa should never of had and ownership stake in Hibernia by investing the 500 million to get the 8.5% ownership stake. When you consider Ottawa gives the Tar sands a 1 billion dollar tax and incentive break each and every year with no ownership.

Then there is the 5 billion Ottawa gave Alberta back in the 70's to get the tar sands started and a reprieve on equalization claw backs for some 12 years.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Harper a mans word is his bond

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Harpers broken promise on income trust

Calgary Tory bashed over income trust issue



Harpers broken promise on Equalization

Harpers signed response to Premier Williams list of issues affecting Newfoundland Labrador.

(ad copy below)


Over three years ago, The Honourable Stephen Harper, then Leader of the Opposition, made a promise to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.
He promised: "We will remove non-renewable natural resource revenues from the equalization formula."
He also sent the people of Newfoundland and Labrador a pamphlet in the mail.
He said, "There is no greater fraud than a promise not kept." He said, "No small print. No excuses. No caps."
He said it as boldly as you see it here. That's what he said. That was his promise.
On the 19th of March 2007, in his second budget, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, broke that promise.
It was a promise that he made in the pamphlet. He stood on two election platforms and said it to our faces. He wrote it in letters over and over again. It was a simple, unequivocal promise.
And he broke it.

There is no greater fraud than a promise not kept.
Gaelic Proverb

Which leaves us with a simple, unequivocal question.
Where does that leave us? Not just us, the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, but us - we - the people of Canada?
Because if we can't accept at face value the promise of our Prime Minister, then who can?
Can the people of the Atlantic Provinces? Or Saskatchewan? Or, yes, even the peoples of British Columbia and Alberta? Because all of you have had promises made to you of one sort or another and all of you should now be asking what those promises are worth.
A promise made should be a promise kept. And as Mr. Harper pointed out, there is no greater fraud than a promise not kept.
And when our Prime Minister won't keep a promise as simple as the one that he made to us, it's not just the people of Newfoundland and Labrador that lose.
We all lose.

Economist Wade Locke's break down of the numbers.

Jim Flaherty and premier Williams argue over promise broken.

Budget: Restoring Fiscal Balance for a Stronger Federation

Mike Duffy Interview with Premier Williams


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