Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Selective Ocean Tracking network

There will never be a OTN on the Nose Tail and Flemish Cap as long as the destructive, indescriminant, Anti Bio Diversity practice of Bottom dragging is allowed to continue.

I highly doubt Ottawa/Ontario even wants to know what fish are being caught on the NT&FC by foreign fleets as long as they can use it as a trading ace in the hole to pop up On/QC's manufacturing industry. (Spain will cancell all Bombardier contracts if the Estaie affair turbot war didn't go away.)

Not to mention these sensors would be scooped up in a bottom dragging trawl in less time than it took to kill off the cod fishery and complete Ottawa's plan to resettle NL'ians to the mainland.

It's almost laughable if it wasn't such a serious issue in NL. Just look at the priorities for this sensor network. Coast of NS, northern peninsula of NL. Nothing along the East coast or out on the Grand Banks. More lip service and pandering.

Why not put a line of these sensors along the arbitrary 200 mile limit. No that would prove that fish don't recognise arbitrary lines in the water and Ottawa should have claimed ownership and control of the continental shelf through the UNCLOS long ago instead of doing side deals like UNFA and coining phrases like straddling stocks etc.

As for Custodial management we already have that by way of adjacent state and have a responsibility to ensure the resource and the entire continental shelf is managed properly.

Ottawa should never of had control or say in our main raison d'etre from the get go. It says so right in the founding principles of the federation resources are to be the sole responsibility and beneficiary of the province which relies and ownes it. Because Ottawa would be in a conflict of interest in that Ottawa has to do whats in the best interest of the Majority of canadians by default ON/QC where over 60% of the canadian population lives on 2% of the land mass.

Even our MP's who we send to Ottawa to represent us have to defer to the party line which is drawn by the majority once again coming from ON/QC 106 out of 308 MP's to present a united front in our political system. With no other equal representation for the provinces anywhere in the system. Not in the Upper house Senate nor in the Supreme court of Canada.

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