Thursday, February 22, 2007


Infeed tax

Since he cost of supplying coastal Labrador and the Island with power from the Upper and Lower churchill at 2 bilion is supposedly cost prohibitive to the development of the Lower Churchill. Maybe if we were to tax all of NL's electricity including what gets exported out through Quebec it would become more economically feasible and as a bonus we would be getting more for the conflict of interest Upper Churchill contract in the offing.

This is well within our rights to do, it's just that the people of NL would need to absorb the tax as well as Hydro Quebec. Maybe the Prov Govt could either give a rebate or cut some prov taxes as a compensation. Kinda like the fuel rebate that is now in place only now we will be paying ourselves for a change instead of Big oil and Big Ass.

Kinda like a LIT Land Improvement tax older subdivisions have to pay for side walks and upgrading. Just until 2041 should do it I figure.

With an infeed or even wheeling cascading through Newfoundland Labrador of the Lower Churchill power we would have the option of using the power in our province. The 33 communities who are on diesel electric generation would get hooked up. The Holyrood fossil fuel generating plant could be shut down until such a time as natural as can be brought ashore and the extra energy could either be exported or utilized at home.

All of our wind energy potential could be integrated into the grid or used to augment the reservoir levels by either reversing the turbines to fill during of times or install designated pumps that will run of off the wind energy to pump water back into the reservoirs as a means of storing the wind energy.

An infeed could be incorporated into an energy bridge across the Straite jacket of belle isle.

This would also negate our requirement to go through Quebec. Since there is only 1000mw's of excess capacity on those lines anyway either new lines would need to be built or the existing lines upgraded in some way. We all know that dealing with Quebec and or Ottawa in trying to get a fair deal for cascading power through Quebec will cost us so why even bother why not tax all energy in NL and take the windfall from the Upper Churchill to put an infeed into the island and beyond. Coastal Labrador wins the province wins and we now have energy to build a sustainable economy.

If this had been done along time ago maybe Stephenville wouldn't have closed due to a lack of cheap clean energy. Corner Brook PnP would be able to get it's 20% power it now buys from the grid at a lower rate.

The pending Long Harbour processing/smelter would have the necessary energy available.

No body in Canada wants us to reap any benefits from our own resources for a multitude of reasons. Corporations want ot build on or maintain what they already have in central canada. Quebec wants the lions share for being the dog in the manger. Ottawa won't back us on an energy power corridor unlike what they dis in the west for a ppe line because it would stir up separation sentiment in Quebec. It is up to us to do it on our own and get away from outside interests who don't have our best interests at heart by going it alone and benefiting from our own resources for a change.
Ottawa won't back us on an energy power corridor

How do you know?

Neither the province, nor NLHydro, has ever applied for one.
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