Tuesday, February 20, 2007


A Canadians view of Newfoundland Labrador


Attention Canadians. Two jerk-offs are after your money. No, they are not thieves, although you might think so at first glance.

They are Danny Williams, the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Lorne Calvert, the Premier of Saskatchewan. They love to operate on the basis that there’s “free” money - yours and mine - available to eternally support their provinces under the so-called equalization principle. Except there’s no “equality” in this scheme at all — just a blood-sucking scheme to have the rest of Canada pay money to their coffers.

Yeah what an arsehole. I replied to his site, but don't know if he'll publish what I wrote, so blogged it up anyway. People like this are like poison with no acknowledging of any good that our province offers.
You did NOT post at my blog, Kodak. Unless you used another name and swear words. Two such posts were edited/deleted. Insults are fine, swearing not.

Try wailing less with the other 10 at Sue's blog, so you have some energy left over to get your facts straight. Losers and lemmings all.
Congratulations urban hillbilly for using braille at the computer! My name is Charles and you have responded to my own blog site where I also posted the write-up , in addition at Sue's blog, and the very same article at your malignant rathole, so that's 3 places - so what are you talking about!?

I use wit and creativity to get my point across, in case you haven't noticed. I've read your little bio that you posted at your own cyber cesspool - an engineer who was involved in the IT business. So you've evolved into a person who uses sexual street language ("suck" and "blow", when replying to Ms. Kelland-Dyer), cultural insults, and image reducing prejudice. Well all of Ontario must be so proud of you as native son. I've posted some of your comments as a reply at my blog. You weren't careful enough with your language to suggest that you weren't insulting all Newfoundlanders. I have saved the quotes from your bigoted, malicious and ignorant text. Your attitude should shame anyone from Ontario who has any decency. It is old, unevolved, uncultured, and sick. You must think that your Ontario readers are very stupid to support a cross burner like you. Imagine younger generations of Ontarians reading the kind of hatred you promote, what evolution of the human race. Ontario, how exemplary! Prejudice, hatred and stereotyping, what qualities to aspire to. You shame your province.
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