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You don't know the meaning of infuriated


It's one thing for politicians to do what they do because their first priority is to get elected and their second priority is to get re-elected but when the citizens of Ontario fall prey to their rhetoric and self serving agendas it is a whole different thing.

Politicians are just working with the systemically flawed democracy that we have and are no more to blame than than a fish can be blamed for swimming to the edge of our continental shelf before turning around and swimming back. That is to say if he doesn't get swooped up by one of the over 200 foreign draggers that are out on the Nose, Tail and Flemish cap with canada's blessing in numbers ranging from 5 to 35 at any one time, and being subsidized by foreign nations to do so.

I hold no malice towards Ontarians. I realize it isn't their fault that they and their politicians take advantage of our Sytemically flawed political system, but when they as individuals support the status quo in trying to maintain their strangle hold on the colonies of Ontario in this Systemically flawed Democratic Empire of Ontario it is a whole different thing.

Alot of people see the way the lesser provinces get treated in this federation as a conspiracy, but there is no conspiracy as such. That is to say there is no plan to marginalize the lesser provinces other than the fact that it is inherant in the systemically flawed political system that Ontario gets pandered to along with Quebec.
While the rest of us are expected to hold our tongue and thank uncle Ottawa for the crumbs he gives us back with one hand from the loaves of bread he systemically steals from the colonies to feed to fat cow called Ontario through centrist policies with the other hand brought on by the centrist systemically flawed political system.

Someone once said canada Ontario is like an old cow the West feeds her and she craps on the east. Then there i also the analogy of Quebec is the tail that wags the dog Ontario which excretes it's doggo do do onto the eastern provinces.
That is to say the members of this federation have no equality with Ontario in any way shape or form.

Ontario has 106 seats in the House of Commons out of 308. Quebec has 75 with a combined total of 181 which will soon with the new consensus mean the lesser provinces will become even further marginalized into colonies of Ontario. 181 seats out of 308 that is a combined total of 59% of the total say in the affairs of the federation.

Ontario has 3 positions on the Supreme court of canada and Quebec has 3 totalling 66% say in the morals, ethics, values, and standards of this federation. Same sex marriage, legalized Swingers clubs, upholding the conflict of interest Upper Churchill power contract, ruling contrary to the founding principles of the federation in giving Ottawa control over NL continental shelf.

Ontario has 24 senators and Quebec has 24 out of 105 in the senate equaling 46% say in the upper house.

In response to the questions asked by This Canada.
1. Calvert, if you have so much excess money so that you just dropped your province’s sales tax from 7% to 5%, why do you need more money from other Canadians?
2. Both of you, if you are running provincial budget surpluses, why do you need more money from the pockets of other Canadians?
3. Both of you, why should taxpayers of Ontario, which has a deficit, go further into debt so that you can have a larger surplus?
4. Tell me what part of equalization says that a province should go into debt, or further into debt, to ensure that other (”have-not”) provinces run bigger surpluses?

1, I imagine calvert lower taxes to try and compete with it's neighbor Alerta which has no provincial sales tax.
Oh and Ontario just recently lower their tax rates also. So why the poor mouth.
Ontario also just their MPP's a hugh raise.

2, It isn't more money from the rest of canadians it is our own money that would othersise be clawed back through the De-Equalization formula designed to keep the colonies of Ontario down. Why else a need for a clause to cap the provinces to Ontarios economy?
Why was the recent INCO cvrd deal reliant upon a 1000 jobs staying in Toronto?
Why is there a clause in the Atlantic Accord not allowing NL to build a refinery until all existing refinery capacity is maxed out in the rest of canada?

3, Why is there a need for a clause in the equalization formula to limit NL's and the other provinces economic growth to that of Ontario?

4, We've been having to deal with cut backs and lower standards of livings since we joined this phony democracy. Why should we be expected to continue to fund your excesses now that we have a chance to make it on our own and get out from under this welfare state mentality which has keep us down for so long.

Why doesn't Ontario have to give up their tax points which are above and beyond the national standard liek we are expected to give up our resources?

Why is all of the federal funding beiung doled out on a per capita basis because it benefits ON and QU.

Why did the Equalization panelks refuse to include user fees into the formula to counter act the per capita doling out of monies? Because it would be detrimental to Ontario.

Why is NL compared to PEI when it comes to equalization and being able to deliver services in a generally comparable equivalant to the rest of the federation? When NL is three times the size of the three maritime provinces combined, and spread over that entire area. When you consider PEI is the size of the Avalon peninsula alone make no wonder we are 12 billion in the hole.

We contribute 4 to 1 to the GDP of this federation but don't even get back one to one.

Federal presence Payments in Lieu of taxes
Lack of Federal presence in NL.

Fiscal Imbalance's%20Question%20Period:%20Danny%20Williams,%20N.L.%20Premier&clip_id=ctvnews.20060723.00155000-00155631-clip1&subhub=video&no_ads=&sortdate=20060723&slug=williams_imbalance_060723&archive=CTVNews

Democratic deficit

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So where is this clause in the Atlantic Accord?

It certainly isn't among the gajillion links you provided.
To whom ever. that is because as the heading of each list of links states none concern the atlantic accord.

If you must know I first read about it in an article. Here read for yourself how NL is treated like a colony and will always be treated like a colony until it gets some form of equality in this banana republic.



Without the dressing or gravy

Averill Baker
The Advertiser

Newfoundland and Labrador now produces one third of this nation’s conventional crude oil. Scotiabank Group, in their publication Global Economic Research, claims that we reached that level in 2004 and in 2006 we will climb higher with White Rose coming on stream.

Flaunting the opulence of a Middle East sheik, we all saw the news coverage a couple of weeks ago of Alberta Premier Ralph Klein welcoming the premiers to their conference in Banff.

A special vintage steam-driven train carried the premiers from Calgary to Banff. Along the way a special rodeo was staged just for the premiers. Golf legend Gary Player was flown in especially to give the premiers golf lessons at the famed Banff Springs course ($180 green fee). Sheik Klein announced that the corporate world including Bell, Canadian Pacific, SAP, ING, TransCanada and CIBC had paid $375,000 for wining and dining so that their lobbyists would have “social access” to the premiers.

Sheik Klein bragged that every $1 increase in a barrel of oil gave the Alberta treasury an extra $99-million a year and that the year over year increase from $36 (US) to $65 meant an extra $2.5-billion to the treasury each year.

[According to that, if this province produces a third of the nation’s conventional crude oil, one would think that we would have it made. Also, Alberta has no sales tax and it has the lowest corporate and personal income taxes in the country. One would think that with our high tax levels the government would have money to burn.

Meanwhile, back in Newfoundland and Labrador – the province that produces over a third of the nation’s conventional crude, faced with a crushing debt and a multitude of demands – the Finance minister is wondering what to do with the one time payment of $2-billion that’s supposed to last for years.

[Alberta has always had the help of the federal government whenever it was needed. Alberta received equalization payments from 1957 to 1964 without deductions for oil and gas revenues, in order to give the province a chance to grow. Newfoundland and Labrador had to fight to get that same privilege.

Alberta received a $5-billion cash grant from Ottawa to develop the oil sands that today produce just as much oil as conventional crude, whereas the federal input into the start of the Newfoundland and Labrador offshore industry was basically a loan. The federal government not only received back more than its investment in Hibernia, but also realized a couple of billion dollars in ownership shares.

And the big kicker was that in order to get that federal involvement we had to sign an Atlantic Accord that in effect forbids us to build in our province anything that uses our own offshore oil or gas UNLESS the existing markets for that oil and the existing industrial capacity in the Maritimes has been met – in other words, NEVER.

Imagine if Alberta were told they could not build a refinery in their own province.

[And, just think about this: the total net expenditure of the government of Newfoundland and Labrador this year is $3.9-billion. Alberta received last year $4.2-billion from Ottawa through the Canada Health Transfer, the Canada Social Transfer and the Health Reform Transfer. Imagine, our total provincial government expenditures for everything in this province this year is less than Ottawa’s cash transfer to Alberta last year for just those three programs.

And Sheik Klein, while being wined (and dined) by the corporate lobbyists, and taught how to swing a golf iron by Gary Player, had the gall to mention to the press while justifying all of this money that Western provinces do not receive equalization payments like Newfoundland and Labrador.

Well, Ralphie, you’re wrong again.

Newfoundland and Labrador has never received, since equalization started in 1957, as much as Manitoba received each year in equalization payments.

We also receive less per capita than the Maritime provinces. Last year, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia each received twice as much as this province received in equalization payments. This province received $762-million, New Brunswick received $1.4-billion, and Nova Scotia received $1.32-billion. On a per capita basis this province received $1,400 per capita, PEI $1,996 per capita, New Brunswick $1,793 per capita, and Nova Scotia $1,432 per capita.

But it is economic fact that since 1949 this province has exported more per capita to foreign countries than Alberta or any other Western province, and thereby in economic terms has contributed more to the Canadian economy. Without our contribution that $4.2-billion would not have gone to Alberta from Ottawa last year and that $375,000 dinner party would be replaced by a take out order of chicken and chips without the dressing or gravy.
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